OBS Staff member Katie brought us our weekly R&R of ‘True Blood’

Quick Summary – Sookie and Eric find themselves in a bit of trouble at the fellow ship, only to be saved by Bill, Jason, and of course Godric. Sam gets framed for a murder. Tara and Eggs are trying to piece together facts on why they have been blacking out, when they eat a little dinner that gives them some super human strength. Jessica and Hoyt have a great night alone together. While spending the night at Godric’s nest a unwanted visitor comes and has a little message from the Newlins.

Character Check

Jessica – Realizes that she is always going to be a virgin because she is a vampire and they heal (which upsets her a lot.)

Maryann – Cuts up Daphne’s heart and cooks it in some kind of “pot pie” type thing.

Tara – Lafayette is showing Tara her future, by doing a tarot card reading. It’s showing her that she is going to have to make some kind of choice. But before he can tell her what kind of choice Eggs walks in the room, freaking out because he blacked out again. (He found himself at a lake in the middle of no where). When they go back to the house to talk more, Maryann feeds them Daphne’s heart and it gives them some kind of super strength.

Sam – Gets a call from his bar but no one was on the other line, so he walks over there and ends up finding Daphne’s body in the freezer. As he’s about to cover the body up he decides to call the police instead. While on the phone with the sheriffs office the sheriff shows up. (someone has framed Sam.) He gets taken in for questioning. Andy tries to tell the police that Sam didn’t do it. (that a bull in a dress did.) They continue to think he is a crazy drunk. Sam spends a night in jail.

Jason – Who we saw get shot in the last episode, is still alive. Sarah shot him with a paint ball gun. Sarah tells him that Sookie is locked in the fellowship church. Jason runs to go save Sookie. He helps save Eric and Bill in the end. Godric tells him he will always have friends if he is ever in his area again. Eric confronts Jason about him using V. They are now “even” and Jason has promised to never touch it again. (finally after coming to his senses and realizing that Vampires are not all bad.) He tells Bill that he is sorry for the way he has acted and allows Sookie and Bill to continue dating.

Godric – Saves Sookie from Gabe. When Eric comes in the room to save Sookie, Godric tells  him to leave and save the human. Isabel is still in love with Hugo and because of that he leaves Hugo alone, but Hugo must never show is face in Dallas again.

Bill – Still locked in a room with Lorena. Can sense that Sookie is in even more trouble. As Lorena is busy talking/feeding on Barry the bell hop, he throws her down and hits her in the head with a plasma TV. Grabs Barry and takes him to safety then goes off to check on Jessica (he finds her with Hoyt.) He demands Hoyt to take her back home if he really did love her. Then he goes to find Sookie. Which when he does he finds himself in a room full of fellowship members ready to kill.

Lorena – After getting knocked out by Bill, Lorena show’s up at Godric’s nest and starts trouble with Sookie. Godric tells her that vamps like her (no morals) are what makes everyone so afraid of Vampires. Then she gets escorted out of the nest by Bill, who tells her that he never wants to see her again.

Eric – Obeying Godric’s orders, Eric tries to get Sookie out of harms way. Eric pretends to be human to get out of the church but it doesn’t work. Sookie and Eric try to escape from the front of the church but Steve is there to stop them. Then all the doors open and groups of people come in, with stakes in hand. Eric sacrifices himself so that they will let Sookie and Godric go free. They tied him up with silver chains. Once Jason and Bill come Sookie helps pull them off of him. Eric wants to kill Newlin but stops when Godric comes into the room and tells everyone they need to go home. Eric also gets warned from Bill that he is to stay away from Sookie. Eric finds out that the reason Godric didn’t just kill the fellowship members and leave is because he is tired of being seen as a monster. And humans and vamps should be able to get along.

Sookie – While Sookie and Eric where trying to escape the fellowship, she starts asking Eric questions about Godric. Eric just basically tells Sookie that she doesn’t understand what she is talking about. Sookie confronts Bill on why he didn’t save her, he wouldn’t really answer so she is lead to believe that Eric set this whole thing up. When Lorena is talking to Bill he looks like she’s about to lean in for a kiss, which Sookie actually stops her.

Ok wow HOLY FREAKING FLANNEL SHIRT!! By far my favorite episode ever!! So much happened. I’m pretty sure everyone can guess I’m a total Eric fan and can I just say his character gets better and better with each show. I thought it was so cute when he was telling Sookie that she didn’t understand what she was talking about and then she changed what she had said, he came back with “Don’t say words I don’t understand” hehehe you can’t say that isn’t cute!! I’m really glad that this episode had less Maryann in it, her story is getting tiresome. Oh, and at first I wasn’t liking them bringing in Lorena just yet, but the way this episode ended I guess it kinda leads the way for the next season. I haven’t read the books in forever and a day, but I’m totally thinking that Eric might try and save Sookie when the bomb goes off, I mean from the looks of it Bill is still outside. AHH I just can’t wait!!

What did you think of this episode? Was it action packed enough for you? Are you a fan of Maryann? If you have read the books do you feel they’re doing a good job staying to them?