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True Blood this week begins with Sookie Bandaging up Alcide. They start talking, when Sookie gets a call from Bill. He lets her know that he is fine, actually more than fine. Bill has decided to leave Bon Temps and her behind, so that he can be with Lorena. Bill tries to let Sookie know that it is all for the better, he tells her to look back on her life since she has met him and realize how chaotic it has become. He warns her not to come looking for him, that he doesn’t want to be found. Alcide tries to comfort Sookie, but he doesn’t seem to know what to say. He thinks Sookie should just try and forget him.

Sam runs off, gun in tot to look for his brother Tommy. But instead he finds his Mom and Dad living in their van, in his parking lot. He learns that they have no house any more and when they fall on hard times Tommy tends to start stealing so they can make their way. Sam just met these people and even though they are his family by blood, their problems are not his. His Mother understands this and tells Sam that they will leave as soon as Tommy comes back home.

Franklin Mott is using Tara to find out as much information as he can on Sookie and Bill. When Tara tells him that he doesn’t know where they are, he physically makes Tara call Sookie and try to get her to tell Tara where she is. He gets inside Tara’s head and tells her exactly what to say to Sook, but because Bill just broke up with her, she doesn’t want to do anything but sleep. And tells Tara to stay at the house.


What a good episode. I’m glad it was back to normal instead of like last week where it seem to focus on each character individually.

You know I really am getting tired of seeing Tara. She wasn’t a big character in the books and so because she is a bigger character in the TV show they had to actually give her some what of a story line. And I don’t like what they did with her, she is like a little baby kitten who can’t do anything for her self, actually she is basically just a puppet to everyone.

Dang! To bad that whole Eric and Sookie thing didn’t really happen 😉 hahaha
And well I feel soo bad for Pam!! Eric better put some speed to getting proof.

Oh and I just have to add this, the song that was played at the very end while Bill was in the strip joint up until the credits ended was great! I had to look it up, in case any of you where wondering what it was called it is ‘9 Crimes’ (haha) by Damien Rice. But I do have to say, I like it better how it was used in the show, then just a stand alone song.

What did you think of this Episode? Was Bill really glad that Sookie didn’t say yes when he asked her to marry him? Will Eric be able to save Pam? Do you think Sookie made it out of the club in time?

Oh and how the heck did Eric know that Bill left Sookie, if he just imagined the whole moment he had with her?