HBO Released New,3rd Surprise-Filled ‘True Blood’ Season 3 Trailer


Acting With Wolves: Meaty Roles That Require a Gentle Touch

Before he was cast as werewolf Alcide Herveaux on “True Blood,” actor Joe Manganiello had little experience working with live animals—just a couple of scenes with a penguin on a CBS pilot. A live wolf required some adjustments. On a recent break on a set in West Hollywood, the actor had to rush through a crowd of extras and off the sound stage after crew members spotted him eating turkey. “All I heard was ‘Are you out of your mind? The wolves are coming,”‘ he recalls.

Skittish by nature, wolves must arrive on the set a day or two before a shoot and have private time to sniff around and get comfortable. There are air-conditioned trailers, with separate compartments for each wolf, where they rest between scenes.

Each wolf eats three to four pounds of raw meat and high-protein food daily and needs frequent breaks. “They’re worse than children,” says director Michael Lehmann.

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The season 3 trailers just keep getting better and better.

I hadn’t thought much about the live wolves on set. I bet that’s an interesting experience! What do you think?