Joe Manganiello and Fiance call it Quits via

Look sharp ladies because Alcide is back on the market and looking for another she-wolf. That’s right, multiple sources have confirmed that Joe Manganiello — your favorite hunky werewolf on the popular show True Blood — is no longer with his fiancée, Audra Marie. One source stated that, “It’s totally over,” while another insider claimed, “It was a long time coming. They’ll both be better off for it.” Manganiello’s rep does not comment on his personal life, so for now we will just have to trust the gossip rumor mill and our trusty sources. His character also recently broke up with his girlfriend, Debbie, on the HBO hit show…talk about art imitating life!

The couple announced their engagement in October 2010 after a year and a half of dating. At the time, the actor commented about Marie, gushing, “I always dreamed of finding someone who is beautiful and sweet, equal parts. And I did. From there she’s just unbelievably understanding and compassionate and patient from all the craziness that comes from this job and lifestyle.” But after refusing to set a wedding date this past spring, many people started to question if something was wrong. One source close to Joe said, “He [went] completely quiet about discussing wedding details…He [was] clearly having reservations.”

So it’s back to living the single life for this hot Hollywood star, but I wouldn’t expect him to be a lone wolf for long. On Monday he was seen at the W Hotels’ Worldwide Fashion Next bash for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where he chatted and sipped champagne with actress Rose McGowan. Get him before it’s too late girls!

So they’re painting him as a commitment-phobe??  Who cares he’s hot!!  Primping my hair as we speak…hahaha!

Season 5 Spoilers via

True Blood‘s fourth season may have just ended Sunday, but that doesn’t mean fans have to wait too long for some new spoilers. In addition to it already being revealed that one actress is returning despite the finale’s ending, now it’s also known where in time the characters will be when season 5 begins.

TVLine has revealed “Season 5 will pick up right where Season 4 left off—with Tara’s brains splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen floor.” It has already been confirmed that Rutina Wesley is returning in the fifth season—just not how it is that she’s coming back. Will she still be human? How will they save Tara from that situation? It’s not exactly easy to come back from a gunshot wound like that.

Meanwhile, there are also other True Blood season 5 spoilers out already, including about returning characters and a look ahead for what’s coming for some of the regulars. The season 4 finale, “And When I Die,” introduced Scott Foley as an Army friend of Terry’s, Patrick, who is in town for a reason, and with the new season picking up right where the last one ended, there doesn’t seem to be any chance of missing any scenes about what Patrick could be there to talk about. Terry will still be just as confused as the viewers about why he’s there, but what’s really important is what’s going to happen next in Sookie’s kitchen. Who will show up to help Sookie with Tara? It’s not like everyone else is just roaming around free—everyone seems to be facing their own problems at the moment, but could Bill or Eric speed over—perhaps still covered in blood from killing Nan—to try to save Tara?

What are you hoping to see in True Blood season 5?

I expect Eric or Bill to come riding to Tara’s rescue…what better way to get back with Sookie…(not that she’ll give in but it can’t hurt to try)?

Alexander Skarsgard Parties with Costar Kristin Bauer via

Alexander Skarsgard had every girl in the room swooning as he arrived at BlackBook Magazine’s 15th Anniversary party in New York City. The True Blood star, who is featured on this month’s cover opposite his ex Kate Bosworth, was all smiles as he arrived at PH-D Rooftop Lounge at the Dream Downtown, sporting a black jacket, black shirt and grey jeans.

While on the carpet, Skarsgard cozied up to his co-star, Kristin Bauer. The two exchanged a few laughs before Alex got approached by a younger fan, who just wanted a hug. Aww! He leaned down to give her a big squeeze and talked to the girl and her mother for several minutes before heading off into the party with his male friends.

Meanwhile, Celebuzz chatted up Kristin who gushed about the True Blood season finale and why she’s excited to start filming season 5.

“Eric and Pam have a lot of history together, so next season we’ll see their flashbacks. That will be fun,” she revealed to us. But she’s staying mum about the rest of the season because she doesn’t want to spoil anything.

So the question every female fan wants to know: What is it like working with Alex? “He’s great. He’s awesome and very sweet,” she gushed. Yeah, we’re jealous!

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I had to look at this picture a second time before I realized that it was Kristin…she looks so different when she isn’t being Pam!!