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Headed for the Big Screen via the marquee blog

True Blood” stars Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgard are hailed as some of the hottest in the steamy series, and now fans can admire them on a bigger screen.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Manganiello – known to “True Blood” fans as Alcide – has joined the cast of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” a romantic comedy already filled to the brim with big names.

Following four couples bound for parenthood, the movie stars Jennifer Lopez as a woman having trouble conceiving, Cameron Diaz as a fitness instructor, and Brooklyn Decker as a mom-to-be of twins whose easy pregnancy sparks envy.

Manganiello’s character also inspires jealousy in the film, as the 34-year-old star is playing a globe-trotting photographer whose lifestyle some of the dads can only dream about. “I had done a ton of comedy before ‘True Blood,'” the actor told the Hollywood Reporter of the part. “So getting to do some of it during my hiatus is something I’m really looking forward to.”

Chris Rock, Anna Kendrick, Ed Helms and Isla Fisher are also a part of the film, which arrives in May, 2012.

Meanwhile, Skarsgard is producing and starring in a Viking-themed movie tentatively titled “The Vanguard.” According to Variety, “Vanguard’s” in a similar vein to “Gladiator” and “Braveheart,” and will tell the story of two warrior Viking brothers who try to return to Sweden after being exiled to the America.

I never would have pegged Joe for a pregnancy movie but it’s definitely filled to the brim with stars!!  And Alexander’s movie about vikings sounds like it’s right up Eric Northman’s alley!!  I can’t wait to see more of these two!!

Anna Paquin talks sex on the set with Stephen Moyer via

When you are on a show like “True Blood,” it pretty much has to be an expectation that more often than not, you are going to spending some portion of the season filming a sex scene with somebody. Therefore, it’s definitely safe to assume that it helps when the two people on screen are actually married in real life.

Speaking in a new interview with V Magazine, Anna Paquin explains that she is actually more than comfortable with filming these scenes in front of HBO’s camera crew — and even almost suggests that it adds an interesting new dimension to their relationship:

“Maybe it should be weird, simulating sex with your husband in front of people. But it’s really not. When its a love scene with someone you actually love it’s [like] ‘Can I touch him here, can I touch him there’ You know what your boundaries are…”

That’s all great and good by hope there are no Sookie and Bill sex scenes this season….I’m so over them!!

Minor characters take center stage via the

Though the main characters were as entertaining and good-looking as ever on True Blood this week, some of the newer characters were up to especially strange antics. Rather than the laughably unhealthy relationships everyone else in the show was dealing with, these new characters were dealing with a different type of possessiveness altogether.

Marnie keeps getting more interesting—she seems to have been more or less a screw-up her whole life, spread across two worlds, and looking for some sort of destiny based on that inability to fit in one place in particular. Maybe if Sookie ever had time to get bored, instead of always being attacked by some creature or another, she’d fall into a similar identity crisis and start experimenting with the hard witchery the way Marnie is doing. In the past few episodes, Marnie came across as an immature and rebellious teenager (complete with self-cutting!) who’d never quite grown up, and I feared she would maintain this one-dimensional line of irritating obtuseness to her death. With some persuasion, however, she seems to regain common sense, starts poring through various texts to solve her little vampire death threat problem, and her frustrated up-close-and-personal call to the “spirits, for the THOUSANDTH TIME” is a pleasant reversal from her earlier obsequiousness towards the spirit world. It gives her some refreshing complexity.

It’s not yet clear if Marnie did have some sort of destiny to get these strange Buffy-style flashbacks, or if she just got the notice of some wandering ghoul (or goddess) by seeking their attention so very loudly. Is the Spanish massacre that the vampires keep mentioning related to the inquisition that burned the witch in Marnie’s vision? And does this ghoul or goddess sporadically possessing Marnie have some special grudge against vampires, or is it a more general vindictiveness?

We’re looking at possession from a far creepier place with Arlene’s baby. The past few episodes were leading towards the idea that the hostile spirit was all in Arlene’s head, but it’s hard to ignore the (literal) writing on the wall. It could be argued we didn’t actually SEE the baby write it. But the only other one close enough was the fright doll (though I don’t think we can rule that evil-looking thing out as a suspect). It’s fun to watch Marnie speaking in tongues and reflecting flames in her eyes, but the gurgling infant with the red marker “not your baby” made me want to crawl under my couch and just hide there for a while—especially with that filthy doll sitting up next to him. If the baby OR doll is possessed, is it by Rene’s spirit? Or just a really bad attitude, spiritually speaking? Either way, what does it want? And when will it go away?

Kristin Bauer van Straten discusses things to come via TV fanatic

As Pam on True Blood, Kristin Bauer van Straten has grown more prominent over the years.

From a mere bartender at Fangtasia to Eric’s right-hand woman to someone who felt the true wrath of Marnie on “I’m Alive and On Fire,” the character has evolved into one of the funniest, most entertaining people on the HBO hit.

What is in store for her this summer? Who would be Pam’s dream girl? The actress answered those questions and many others in an exclusive interview this week.

What can we expect from Pam throughout season?

Shenanigans! And more shenanigans!! The writers were extra creative this year… we will see another side to Pam that is pretty edgy. I loved playing it. Does Pam get jealous of Eric’s relationship with Sookie?

I think Pam feels conflicted with Sookie because she finds her very attractive, but Eric won’t share and Eric really does care about Sookie for some reason. As with all great writing, Pam’s views on Sookie are complicated and multifaceted.

Do you have an all-time favorite Pam quote?

I never know, to be honest, until the fans report on which ones landed! And also my favorites tend to be the ones freshest in my mind… But I must say I had lots of fun threatening Lafayette) this season with: “I am not a hooker, that was a long, long time ago.” Hysterical!

Describe Pam’s dream girl.

Good question. Well, she liked “Yvetta”, so Pam’s type may be just “Hot.” At least for a roll in the hay. Who could ever win Pam’s heart, though, besides Eric? Since she is a bit confident with who she is, I’ll say someone who is [also confident]… and hot.

Which is more challenging, running Fangtasia or remembering your lines in the presence of such attractive co-stars?

[Laughs] Well, you will notice I never hold props. I can only hit my mark in those heals and deliver my lines to these attractive folks. One more task and it’d be too much!

Will Pam ever become someone’s Maker? Would you want her to be?

It certainly would be fascinating to see her version of nurturing, wouldn’t it? But I am happy to see the scripts come in and unfold and will just keep doing my best at what they throw my way. I have total faith in my many makers: Charlaine, Alan and the writer/producers of True Blood. Whatever I come up with in my head, when I see what they’ve written, it is much better than I have imagined.

I am LOVING Pam this season…she’s fun and edgy hilarious and dresses to kill!!