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Quick! Someone better change the population sign in Bon Temps, Louisiana, because a whole slew of supernatural citizens are moving in! With the “True Blood” season four now under way, what better time to meet the new vampires, witches and shapeshifters moving into town?

First up is Aaron Perilo who plays bloodsucker Blackburn. “I am a vampire, if you can see the pale skin,” he joked, motioning to his face. “I’m pretty old, so I’m very fast. I kind of have an attitude. I don’t know if it’s a talent, but I guess I have kind of a bloodthirsty attitude where I like to get in trouble.”


Trouble will follow the vamps wherever they go this season, thanks to a new coven of witches brewing up spells in Bon Temps, led by “Harry Potter” star Fiona Shaw who plays Marnie. “She’s not a very good witch, but she becomes a very powerful witch as the thing goes on,” she said. “It’s been very interesting for me to play someone so out there, so weird, so lonely, so desperate, so isolated that it’s been a very big challenge.”

Holding hands in the circle with Marnie is Roy (played by Dean Chelcvala) and Casey (played by Fiona Dourif). Then there’s Antonia (played by Paola Turbay), who’s from another time altogether. “She is a witch from the era of the Inquisition,” Paola revealed. “Her spirit is haunting the vampires. She’s around and she’s causing a lot of trouble.”

Rounding out the roster is shapeshifter Luna (played by Janina Gavankar). “She’s a school teacher by day and a shapeshifter by night,” Janina mused. (And, we should add, Sam Merlotte’s new love interest!) “She is a nice girl with a big ol’ past who is just trying to do the right thing and be drama-free and keep it together and live a simple life in Bon Temps,” she added.

Why do all the “OLD” vampires look so young??

True Blood Season 4 Premiere Review via

Not unlike any other first episode of a new season, True Blood once again reminds us that if we think it didn’t happen, it probably did. Every premiere, we are thrown in the fantastical world of Bon Temps and wondering what else there is lurking behind the lush vegetation of this Louisiana town. This season, however, takes us out of our comfort zone and immediately throws us into what I can only describe as a science-fiction landscape. The fast rising climax of the opening scene without delay takes us from this reverie scene of realization and literally drops us back down to earth, where Sookie (Anna Paquin) is instantly bombarded with a slew of questions and a sudden catharsis like you’ve never imagined.  More after the jump.

Each character is re-introduced in a new and sometimes negative light, bringing in a whole new perspective and an energetic change to the characters we know and understand; But also blending a cluster of new people into the ever-changing mix. As we know, with each new season, a new magical specimen taints the seemingly calm water. Last season, werewolves roamed the streets and immediately presented an intense and passionate disgust for vampires, but not without creating an interesting love “triangle” involving the brawny but soft-eyed, Alcide, played by Joe Manganellio. However this season, we are quickly introduced to a coven of witches, led passively by Marnie Stonebrook (Fiona Shaw) that can only be described as hopeless until one of our adored characters becomes the active element that flips the switch on who is in control.

The only character we can hold as a true constant is our favorite brazen and sincerely more independent, Sookie. We also are noticing this significant transition from supporting characters that are becoming major characters, which in turn take their own story that eventually molds into the final and fantastic season ender that we all expect. If we know anything about True Blood it’s that the last two episodes of any given season are the key to that sudden moment of clarity and understanding, where we can recognize exactly how everything ties together and what it means for our Louisiana locals. Fortunately, we are a long ways away from that giving the show enough time to thoroughly confuse us for our own enjoyment.

I don’t know about everyone else but so far I’m loving the new season although I could really do without all the fairy garbage.