Stephen Moyer wants a baby!! via babble

Some fans are starting to get more curious about the possibility of Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin having kids.

When asked whether he and Anna were ready to start a family, Stephen Moyer said, “We are busy at the moment, but it will happen at some point.”

Hmm…it definitely sounds like we will be seeing some vampire babies from Anna and Stephen way before Kristen and Robert!

I would not be surprised to see these two popping out some babies…I wonder how that fits into the shooting schedule for True Blood.  But I don’t think I’d make the assumption that they’re trying based on that one sentence!!

Bag Yourself Some True Blood via stylelist

Los Angeles-based handbag line Hammitt is a cult favorite with starlets like Angelina Jolie for its hand-crafted Italian leather construction. And HBO’s “True Blood” is a cult favorite for its, well, sexiness. The combination of the two results in please-touch leather bags with studs and detailing inspired by characters on the show.

The handbags hit stores this summer to coincide with the new season of True Blood. And you can bet we’ll be sinking our teeth into one.

I think these are actually really cute!!  I wonder how much they’re going to cost though…but I have to say I like saying that I bagged Eric (his is pictured above)!

Season 4 premiere date announced!! via

Well, the wait is over as HBO has officially announced the show will premiere its fourth season on June 26, according to Entertainment Weekly.

When we last left the residents of Bon Temps in “True Blood,” Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, was buried under a slab of concrete after running on very violent and public rampage, Jason Stackhouse became in charge of the backwoods residents of Hot Shot and Sookie Stackhouse discovered the truth about vampire Bill Compton’s interest in her fairy heritage and was later transported to fairy world.

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel that them announcing the premiere date feels like the wait is over at all…especially since we have to wait all the way to the end of June!! I’ll have to survive by staring at the last seasons of Eric until then!!