Who is Getting Married on True Blood? via TV Fanatic

Listen closely, True Blood fans. Can you hear them? Wedding bells are on the way.

The latest E! News Spoiler Chat reports on season five nuptials with this very straightforward tease: There is going to be a wedding. And there is going to be karaoke at the dinner!

So, who might be taking their vows? We doubt it will be Sookie and either of her two main suitors. Take your best guess in the comments section below.

Hmmmm definitely not Sookie…and Bill and Eric will be too heartbroken to move on just yet.  Layette’s main squeeze is dead, as is Tara supposedly.  Alcide just ditched Debbie and is sniffing around Sook.  I’m going to guess Sam and Luna.

True Blood Gets a New Writer via wetpaint

The True Blood writing staff is already a killer bunch, but now it’s gotten more deadly with the addition of Angela Robinson.

Robinson was a co-executive producer on HBO’s Hung, but now she’ll write about hot naked vampires instead of a hot naked male prostitute.

The Inside True Blood Blog interviewed Robinson, who’s writing Season 5, Episode 5 right now. And she’s already playing favorites!

“I really like writing for Sookie, I enjoy her struggle to retain a sense of normalcy in her increasingly dangerous life,” Robinson said.

“And I like writing Jessica, I think the dichotomy between her natural goodness and the dark side of her vampireness is fun to explore.”

And as always, the True Blood team has been warm in their welcome to the newbie.

“It’s been really fun and exciting. Alan [Ball] is awesome to work with and the other writers have been very welcoming and are insanely talented,” she said. “I’m in prep for my first episode now, so I am just now meeting the cast and crew.”

Though she’s new to the set, she’s already following the show’s first commandment: Thou Shalt Not Spoil.

“I am terrified to utter a peep because there are so many rabid fans out there, so I am going to remain mum on that,” Robinson said when asked about the new season.

“Suffice to say it will be awesome.”

That’s a given!

I wonder if adding a new writer has anything to do with Alan Ball leaving the show after the season is over??