Season 5 Spoilers: Eric & Bill via

True Blood returns this summer with its fifth season, and of course one of the main questions involves Sookie and her love life. So what’s coming up for the two vampires she loves?

According to E! Online, Alexander Skarsgardhas said, “We call it season of the bromance. We just started [filming] and we’re on episode four of season five. I have a lot with Steve [Stephen Moyer] this year. Eric is very intrigued by Bill now.” Season 4 ended with Sookie saying goodbye to both of them. Just because they don’t have the girl in common so much anymore it doesn’t mean they don’t have something else in common. Now, they’re both in the same kind of trouble.

The vampires then worked together to kill Nan and her guards once she revealed she knew Sookie’s a fairy. They did what they had to do to protect the woman they both love, but what they did is going to have some pretty serious consequences. Where will that leave them in True Blood season 5? It seems like it’s going to be them standing together to face what comes next, and with everything else going on in Bon Temps, it’s not like they have a group of friends to turn to for help. Everyone’s too busy dealing with their own problems—though some may overlap—to help out Bill and Eric. Denis O’Hare has teased Russell Edgington’s return for season 5, and you have to wonder if these two storylines will be connected.

I really hope this doesn’t mean love scenes between these two…I think that would be way more than I could handle!!

Peter Mensah to Join TB Cast via

Earlier this week we got an announcement that Peter Mensah will be joining the cast as the Chancellor for the Authority, named Kibwe.

Look familiar? He is currently playing Doctore on ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’. Previously, he has played the Messenger in ’300′, and the Horse Clan Leader in ‘Avatar’. He’s no stranger to television screens, playing in ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ and ‘Witchblade’.

The Chancellor for the Authority is not a character familiar with the books. While ‘True Blood’ has strayed from the novels a long time ago, it has been said that there is more focus on the vampires this season, even with bringing Claude into the picture. It should be interesting to see how this season goes, especially after last season’s finale with Bill and Eric.