Ryan Kwanten talks Mambo via Extra

“True Blood” heartthrob Ryan Kwanten sat down with “Extra’s” Terri Seymourin Venice, Calif. to chat about his new role as American Ambassador for surf retailer Mambo.

The Sydney native said he felt a close connection to the label, explaining, “Mambo has actually been made from a small town called Manly, where I grew up.”

He added, “It’s a very sort of iconic brand in Australia, and now it’s launching here in the U.S.”

Kwanten has signed up to help start the new collection in America through Bon Ton department stores.

Although sworn to secrecy, the actor also dished a little on the upcoming Season 5 of his popular HBO series, saying, “This season I would say is the season of controversy. We’re going to turn some heads this season. We’re going to pull back to where they were and then some. If we cracked open the door before, we’re going to smash it down.”

As for what happens to Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyers), Kwanten said, “There’s more in store for them, I think. They were a match made in heaven, but with him being the King now and with her dealing with her new fairy status, there’s all sorts of things that are keeping them apart.”

And what dangers lie ahead for Alcide (Joe Manganiello)? “He’s again caught in the tumultuous love affair with Sookie. You can see that it’s not one sided. That she’s been very much denying it. She treads the water very carefully there.”

Guess “True Blood” fans will have to wait for all the juicy details when the show returns summer, 2012.

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I think Kwanten makes the perfect model for Mambo and wish him all the best in his new adventure!!

True Blood’s Naughty and Nice List via wetpaint

It’s that time of the year again, Truebies! We’re making our list and checking it twice, and now it’s time to find out which of our favorite supernaturals are naughty or nice!

Sigh, nothing puts us in the holiday spirit like a good ol’ fashioned burn book.


1. Eric Northman: Is anyone surprised by this? Didn’t think so. Eric is a great guy, but his habit of murdering randoms and feasting on their flesh isn’t exactly filling us with yuletide cheer. Eric’s recent crimes consist of killing Nan Flanagan (RIP, girl!) and de-friending his progeny, Pam. We hate to see these two partners in sex crimes on the outs!

2. Sam Merlotte: Look, we love Sam and his ever-prevailing stubble, but Santa just can’t get on board with someone who feeds their parents to alligators. Sure, it was a nice gesture that he threw some marshmallows into the mix, but it hardly counts as a proper burial for victims of patricide.

3. Debbie Pelt: Debbie might be splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen right now, but if we’ve learned one thing from True Blood, it’s that ghosts exist and they live in our stomachs. Debbie tried hard to earn Santa’s seal of approval when she quit V, but then she got a case of the jellies and blew Tara’s brains out. Someone’s getting a lump of ghost coal in their stocking.

4. Alcide Herveaux: This wolfy wonder has looks that kill and biceps that murder. No one liked Marcus and his meddling ways, but did he really deserve death by throat punch courtesy of Alcide’s rock hard fist? (Maybe.) Alcide has a heart of gold, but his ventures into serial killer-dom are frightening Santa’s elves.

5. Sookie Stackhouse: Sookie might look all sweet and innocent with her blonde locks and sundresses, but girlfriend is a heart-breaker. Eric and Bill are still crying all over each other’s muscular shoulders from their double breakup. We know Sookie’s had a bad year full of near death experiences and spray tans, but she won’t be getting a new pair of booty shorts under the Christmas tree, that’s for sure.


1. Andy Bellefluer: Ever since Andy wandered into the forest and fornicated up a storm with that random fairy and her E.T finger, he’s totally changed for the better. Andy’s quit V, stopped his booze-hounding ways — and it looks like he might even score a date with Holly. Then again, she was high when she sexy-hugged him, so he might be all alone under the mistletoe after all.

2. Luna: This sexy skin-walker is one of the only residents of Bon Temps who hasn’t brutally murdered someone. She’s sweet, fun, pretty and a public school teacher. Basically, she’s a perfect angel. Well, except for that time she left her kid all alone in the wilderness while she and Sam made sweet love in a tent.

3. Terry Bellefluer: Oh, Terry. When he’s not PTSD-ing all over the place, Terry is one of the sweetest gents in town. He loves Arlene with all his heart, and is determined to raise Baby Mickey like he’s his own. Plus, how can we resist a man who keeps an arsenal of weaponry hidden in a tree fort?

4. Arlene Fowler: Despite her numerous fashion crimes (camo velour should be illegal), Arlene is an angel dropped form heaven. She’s sweet, kind, loving, and her hair makes us thirsty for Tang — which we hear is so 2011’s milk and cookies.

5. Lafayette Reynolds: Despite his stint as a sex working drug dealer, Lafayette made it onto the nice list because of how much we pity him. Poor dude accidentally killed his boyfriend, got blood all over his kimono, and drained bodily fluids out of a dead hippie –– all for nothing. The least Santa can do is bring him a fresh pair of silk-satin pajamas this year. Leopard print, please.

Do you agree with this list?  Based on season 4 I think Eric was more nice (too nice if you ask me) than naughty and was waaaayyy too sappy!!  And I really don’t think Alcide was *that* naughty either….he knew his alpha was in the wrong and was standing up for what he thought was right…and he ditched Debbie with was all kinds of nice for us werewolf loving gals!!

Dead True Blood Characters We’d Like to See Rise From the Grave via wetpaint

At this point, Bon Temps’ graveyard is so full of bodies, Sookie’s going to have to start taxiderming all the people she and her friends kill. Most of the supernaturals who die on True Blood deserve to rot in alligator infested water, but sometimes one of our favorite ladies or gents meet the true death and leave us in a state of mourning. We’re still wearing black over Jesus. Sob!

Check out 7 characters from True Blood’s who we wish would rise from the grave and come back into our lives.

1. Tommy Mickens

Thinking about Tommy as he lay dying in a pool of blood and vomit makes us want to write a sad emoticon face. This angst-ridden hick caused more trouble around Bon Temps than he was worth, and it was kind of awkward when he killed his parents and fed them to alligators — but we still loved him.

Here’s to hoping Tommy will turn into a zombie and re-explore his brief foray into cross-dressing.

2. Sophie Anne Leclerq

We still haven’t gotten over the fact that Bill had Sophie-Anne murdered by a bunch of muggles. It’s like, if you’re going to subject someone to the true death, at least man up and do it yourself, William

. We saw Sophie explode all over Bill’s room with our own two eyes, but we still live in hope that she’ll rise from the grave, put on a jaunty veil and give Hard Hearted Hannah the middle finger.

3. Nan Flanagan

When Nan first came into our lives, she wasn’t exactly our favorite vamp on the block. Not only did she terrify us with her leather power suits, she also c*ck blocked Bill and Eric’s blossoming bromance.

But as time went on, we grew to love Nan’s snarky quips and bitter rants. Now that she’s dead, there’s no one to make fun of Bill. Well, except for us.

4. Jesus Velasquez

We’re still crying over Jesus’ sudden demise. It was bad enough when Lafayarnie stabbed his hand with an eggy fork (Hello? Salmonella poisoning!), but then she had to go and shiv him in the stomach.

Of course, it was some comfort that Jesus popped up in Lala’s dreams, but if we’ve learned anything from Ghost (starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze) it’s that having sex with the undead isn’t as fun as it seems.

5. Tara Thornton

Noooo, Tara! This girl’s death was the shocker of a life time — and we’re still experiencing waves of nausea from seeing her brains splattered all over Sookie’s kitchen.

Some hopeful fans think Tara might still be alive, but considering that half her head is missing, it’s not looking good. Well, unless Sookie’s magical fairy powers know how to re-grow snarky brain tissue.

6. Franklin

Sure, he was a kidnapping murderer, but oh how we loved him. Franklin won us over with his British accent and deranged eyes — and let’s get real, the time he strapped Tara to a toilet and brought her a bouquet of flowers was kind of adorable.

If he managed to return from the dead after getting his head pummeled with a mace, we have no doubt that he can survive a true death or two.

7. Talbot

We can’t even talk about Talbot without crying. Everything about him was perfection –– from his haughty accent, to his love of interior design, to his penchant for playing strip chess.

We’re still writing Sookie hate mail for pouring his remains down Fangtasia’s sink. RIP forever, Tata!

I really don’t agree with this list…I’m one of the ones thinking Tara will be back and I really don’t miss any of the characters on this list.  Not to mention I’m shocked…floored that Godric didn’t make the list…