Joe Manganiello on “Magic Mike” via hollywoodcrush

So this “Magic Mike” movie… I’ve said it once, and I’ll keep saying it until I get to see the film, but gracious sakes, could this male cast be any hotter? Not only that, but everything we hear about it gets me more and more anxious and hopeful that director Steven Soderbergh will really deliver the goods (pun totally intended) when it finally arrives in theaters.

See the below clip of Joe talking about the movie and nudity (that should spike your interest)!!



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Naked Joe…I’m sooooo in!!

New Characters for True Blood Season 5 via BoomTron


Okay, True Blood fans, are you ready to drool over some new faces? In the news this week, Alan Ball’s television masterpiece is getting new blood. The sexy HBO paranormal fest is introducing a whole gaggle of new characters for Season 5.

Nora is one newbie slated to appear. She’s describes as a gorgeous and whip smart a beautiful young adult who will pose as something of a “double agent within the Vampire Authority”. Are you intrigued? I know I am. In fact, the role gets juicer! Nora has a “big” past history with Eric. She’s one of Godric’s creations. So, yes, we hear Nora will be nude at some point or another. Come on. You aren’t surprised are you? Hers is a recurring role.

Nora is just one of two newbies EW spilled the exclusive word about.  The second newcomer has ties to a book not penned by Charlaine Harris? Can you guess which one? It’s the Bible! Say what?

Co-Executive Producer Raelle Tucker told EW they were planning to bring in an actress for a “very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year … a very familiar and compelling character. It may be someone you’ve heard of before.” Are those clues helpful at all, because I’m scratching my head here. But we won’t leave you hanging. The lady’s name is Salome and she’s the daughter of the Bible’s very own Herodias. Hmm. I’ll have to Google that one later. Any choices on who can act out these two characters?

I’m not so sure about the Bible character…but Nora sounds interesting…

True Blood Wins Big at Scream Awards via


If you don’t want to know which statues True Blood snagged at the Spike TV Scream Awards, then read no further!

The award show aired on Spike TV at 9 p.m. ET on October 18, but The Hollywood Reporter has already published a list of winners.

Alexander Skarsgard took home the award for Best Horror Actor. No one could beat Eric Northman in that category!

The men continued to dominate with Joe Manganiello (Alcide) winning the award for Breakout Male Performance (we bet all of those shirtless scenes had something to do with it!), but the ladies were recognized for their work as well as True Blood won for Best Ensemble.

True Stories of a True Blood Star via sun-sentinel

Jim Parrack plays the hunky, All-American boy-next-door Hoyt Fortenberry on the hit HBO series, “True Blood.” In real life, he owns 120 Productions with his wife and has wrapped his own indie film “Post,” which he’s shopping to Sundance and other festivals. The Texas-born actor had plenty to say about vampires, Hoyt’s evolution and the genius of “True Blood” creator Alan Ball.

Q: How do you get into character to play Hoyt and what’s your favorite thing about the role?

A: “A lot of parts on television are static. Nothing really changes. But one of the great things about that part is a lot of change. Seeing clips of seasons before, I was looking at how different things are now from the beginning. As an actor it’s a lot of fun to go through a journey like that.”

Q: Playing one of the only human characters on the show, if you could be another creature on the series, what would you want to be?

A: “I think it would be better to be a werewolf because there’s an impermanence to it. You’re gonna get old and and you’re gonna die. I know maybe that’s the opposite of what people would want, but I like the idea of an afterlife … and I would want things to conclude the way that they would with people. With a vampire, who knows? You’re kind of bound to whatever crazy or boring situation you find yourself in… It’s got to get boring. Maybe that’s why they spice it up and have lots of sex.”

Q: What is it like working with Alan Ball?

A: “I was probably starstruck when I met him at the audition. I remember watching him win the Oscar in 2000 for “American Beauty,” … and I remember thinking ‘I guess that’s what a great writer looks like.’ I was just starting to pay attention to writing and movies and things like that. I saw a special screening of “American Beauty” in Austin before it came out and I was so struck by how on-point and relatable everything was, but not in an obvious way. He always finds the most interesting way to explore what we already are kind of aware of. He has the uncommon thought on the common idea. I think that’s why he can be an original but also highly relatable and popular. He’s just a brilliant guy.”

Q: When you do fan appearances, what’s the wackiest thing a fan has ever said or given you?

“My wife [Ciera, an actress] and I just had a nutty lady come up, she was probably in her mid-50s or something, and say that we gave her her sex life back. Her husband was there and it was very odd.”

Q: What is your film “Post” about?

A: “We pitched it to Sundance. It’s the story of a girl who is discovering she’s got nothing to do with her life anymore because of this traumatic event that took place. So she spends the movie in that situation trying to come into contact with something that resembles who she really is again. I wrote it and we shot it without a crew. My wife is the lead. She gives a performance that’s so unexpected and it’s something you really don’t see. There’s a lot of good work out there and there’s a lot of bored, apathetic, terrible work out there. This is not either. If you see the movie, it’s gonna hit you, effect you and you’re gonna be better off for having seen it.’