Christopher Heyerdahl to Appear on Season 5 of TB! via craveonline

When Christopher Heyerdahl’s The Swede was last seen on AMC’s “Hell on Wheels,” he had been tarred and feather before being literally run out of town. It was an ignoble fate for one of the more interesting characters of that show. But maybe Heyerdahl will have better luck in Bon Temps.

Deadline is reporting that Heyerdahl has been signed to recur in the fifth season of “True Blood.” Heyerdahl’s new character will be an ancient and powerful vampire  known as Dieter Braun; who works in intelligence for the Vampire Authority and he particularly likes performing “enhanced interrogation” on his victims.

Heyerdahl has previously portrayed an ancient vampire named Marcus in “The Twilight Saga” film series, as well as Todd, a member of the vampire-like Wraith on “Stargate Atlantis.” Heyerdahl also has numerous genre shows and films to his credit, including appearances in “Caprica,” “The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne,” “Jeremiah,” “SupernaturaL,” “Psych, “Masters of Horror,” “Kingdom Hospital” and multiple roles on “Sanctuary” including Bigfoot.

It’s unknown if Heyerdahl will return for the second season of “Hell on Wheels,” but if he is only recurring on “True Blood” than it shouldn’t be out of the question.

As the latest addition to “True Blood,” Heyerdahl joins former “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Chris Meloni, as well as Kelly Overton (“The Ring Two”), Louis Herthum (“The Last Exorsism”) and Lucy Griffiths (“Robin Hood”).

That’s some resume he’s got there…I take it he knows how to play a vampire:)

Grant Bowler to Star in Syfy’s Defiance via televisionblend


After partnering with Trion Worlds several years ago, Syfy is finally getting its act together with Defiance, an ambitious project that will supplement a Trion Worlds game of the same name with a TV program on the science fiction and fantasy network. Though the program began to finally come together over the summer, there was no casting news for the upcoming show, until today.

Grant Bowler is set to play Chief Lawkeeper Jeb Nolan in the futuristic science fiction show set on Earth. If Bowler’s name sounds familiar, you have likely caught him either on HBO’s True Blood or ABC’s Ugly Betty. However, his role on Syfy’s Defiance will be a far cry from the suave swindler he played on Betty and the werewolf pack leader Bowler played on True Blood. This time around, Bowler is playing a good guy living in Defiance, a town in the future set up over the remains of St. Louis. Deadline is reporting Bowler’s character’s job will be to keep the peace between the human and alien factions living in Defiance. It seems like it will be a difficult task, but he will be helped by mayor Amanda Peirkoff, whom the Chief Lawkeeper may also be hopping between the sheets with.

Defiance is coming from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, and will focus on a land torn up by decades and decades of war. Though the landscape will be very rough and tumble, the live action drama should also touch on some more optimistic themes. Amidst the backdrop of the violence, for example, Nolan will set a strong-minded example. We’ll see how the series turns out when it actually gets a release date on the network, but so far it seems like a pretty strong science fiction concept – something Syfy desperately needs. I can’t wait to hear who will be on board as Mayor Amanda Peirkoff!

It’s Cooter!!  Sorry I just love to say that name…makes me laugh every time!!

Kristin Bauer Talks Season 5! via E! Online

“Every year I think, ‘We’ve kinda done it.’ Every year I think ‘Wow, that was better than last year. These story lines and these scenes and the cast…I don’t think they could get any better.’ “

So says Kristin Bauer—who plays scene stealing vamp-extraordinaire Pam on True Blood—when we asked what’s to come for the fangtastic HBO show. “And that’s how I feel about [season] five,” K.B. told us from the set.

So what sort of outrageous things will Pam say this season? And what’s it like for the gal to work with Alexander Skarsgårdnow that he’s a big, huge movie star?

First off, the gushing: “Every script I get I go, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than I thought it would be.’ And wardrobe fittings, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than I could have imagined,’ ” Bauer practically hyperventilated.

But scoop-wise, Bauer stayed tight-lipped on the secrets of season five: “I have a pretty good inkling about [what’s to come]. And I can’t tell you anything.” Though she did tease that we should not only expect more totally over-the-top outfits from Pam, but also more R-rated one-liners.

“We thought last year’s gash in the sundress might be that point and apparently that wasn’t!” Kristen told us when asked the writers ever give her something to say that’s just too much.

“It feels like it’s just in kind. We’re just continuing with all the goodness we’ve had before,” Kristin continued about the naughtiness to come. “I don’t know if you can get much worse than gash in a sundress, but we can certainly stay in the ballpark.”

And as for her onscreen maker, Mr. A.Skars—ya know, now that he’s living on the big screen in flicks like Straw Dogs and Battleship—well, Kristen says he’s par for the course as well:

“He’s the same guy…We’re buddies,” she laughed when we wondered whether he’d changed since the beginning of True Blood. “But watch I’ll go watch the movies and then get starstruck all of a sudden.”

Trust us, we already have been. And starstruck is not a bad thing to be when it comes to Skars, not at all.