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Only six more months to go til we’re back on a bus headed to Bon Temps!

And now that Denis O’Hare isn’t creeping us out as the burn man on American Horror Story, he’s able to dish on the fate of Russell Edgington!!!

As a vampire king-megalomaniac, Russell terrorized everyone until Bill and Eric buried him in cement — a punishment almost more cruel than the true death itself.

And while his absence was felt throughout season four, the finale revealed signs he’d be back.

Luckily, creator Alan Ball knows what we want, so he IS coming back! Denis says:

I’m not going to come back to True Blood until mid-March (meaning mid-season once it airs). I had a meeting with Alan last week, and they have devised an amazing trick to allow me to be present, but not fully acting.

What?? What!?!? What is that even supposed to mean?? Is he coming back as a bat? Ha! Or maybe the cement and heartbreak hurt him so much, he’s somehow paralyzed until he can feed on Sookie’s fairy blood?

We don’t know. We have no idea in fairy hell. But what we DO know is that True Blood is going to be better for it. Denis is a rare talent. And Russell is just one of those villains you LOVE!

True Blood is One of the Most Anticipated Shows of 2012! via

We’ve been excited for True Blood to return for season 5 as soon as Alcide looked down into Russell Edgington’s former cement grave, Steve Newlin showed Jason Stackhouse his new fangs, and  that gunshot tore apart Tara’s head.

So, it’s no surprise that True Blood covers SciFiNow’s new issue featuring their 2012 Hit List, which spotlights the movies and TV shows they’re most looking forward to this year, from The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers to Doctor Who and of course, True Blood.

In the issue, Denis O’Hare drops a hint about Russell’s return, while Joe Manganiello gives a (too brief) preview of season 5. “True Blood’s known for it’s extensive storylines and cast, and now this season it’s all starting to come together,” he teases.

“There’s a lot of fatality happening right now, and plot lines are intersecting. It’s really intense.”

Bring it on!