Q&A: ‘True Blood’s Sam Trammell

Where does Sam’s story take him in season three?

“I imagine – and I’m pretty sure – he’s going to try to find his real biological parents. He’s probably had a desire to see them, unconsciously, for a while, then there was that whole episode where he was with the kids and he realised that one of the kids – Cody – had never actually seen his father. That was the catalyst so that’s what Sam’s going to do, he’s going to go try to find his actual biological parents who he’s never met and that is going to be trouble. Alan Ball is going to torture me again!”

Any chance of him finding love after Daphne?

“That would be so tough. I think he’ll always carry a torch for Sookie even though at this point he’s kind of given up on her. He would still protect her and be concerned about her but he’s given up on her although I’m sure that will resurface at some point depending on how many years we do the show! The Daphne thing where he finally met someone he didn’t have to hide who he was from and could really be who he was with – that was very special and for her to just betray him the way she did? That was the biggest kind of betrayal, where you’re just trying to lure someone into killing them. It’s going to take a bit for him to recover.”

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‘True Blood’ Casting Bill’s First Wife

A vintage-looking woman is sought to fill in the role of Bill Compton’s first wife on “True Blood”. The HBO show will bring back the image of Bill’s family before he was sent to the Civil War and turned as a vampire on his way back home by a vampire woman he was getting food from.

In the casting news for Caroline Compton, it is specified that the character lives in 1866 as a “lovely, very strong, brave, well-bred and well-spoken Southern woman”. Said to be a “great scene”, the role involves Caroline pulling a shotgun on the intruder into her house, clearly prepared to use it, till she realizes it’s her husband Bill, whom she was sure had died in the War.

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People’s Choice Awards

True Blood has 3 nominations.


I am loving the info about Season 3. The cast keeps letting out bits of info.

Congrats to True Blood for 3 People’s Choice Nominations.

Who do you think might be cast as Bill’s first wife? Any ideas?

Do you think TB has a chance of winning the People’s Choice nominations?