INTERVIEW WITH HOYT FROM TRUE BLOOD has an exclusive interview/chat with Jim Parrack who plays Hoyt Fortenberry on the True Blood HBO series:

Speaking of love stories, he is very happy with the Hoyt/Jessica storyline. After reading the script for Scratches, Jim says he went to writer Raelle Tucker with tears in his eyes and thanked her for writing such a beautiful situation for them. He describes meeting Jessica as the moment Hoyt’s been waiting for his whole life. In his mind, it’s the story of two misfits finding each other across a table, but that’s not to say it will be smooth sailing. Mama Fortenberry is not going to approve of the relationship, and, as Jim points out, even nature is against them what with sunlight being a mortal danger for Jessica. With respect to Hoyt’s reaction to discovering that Jessica is a vampire, Jim has his own theory on why is not just accepting but deeply, deeply intrigued, although he’s not sharing it just yet.

Jim couldn’t say enough good things about working with Deborah Ann Woll.  It has been the absolute joy of my professional career to work with her, he says. While he agrees that Hoyt/Jessica is adorable, he claims that if it were up to him to be cute, it wouldn’t be. Deborah makes it cute.

Deborah Ann Woll and Jim Parrack on True Blood / HBODeborah Ann Woll and Jim Parrack on True Blood / HBO

Hoyt’s other relationship, his friendship with Jason, makes sense to Jim. He sees Hoyt as Jason’s anchor, the only stable thing in his life, and thinks Hoyt loves the idea of being someone’s rock. Jim also suspects that there’s some hero worship involved in Hoyt’s attraction to Jason. The betrayal by the third member of their group, Rene, is something Hoyt hasn’t dealt with on screen, but Jim thinks that’s just Hoyt’s way. “He doesn’t have someone who is his confidante Jim explains. Being friends with Jason is, well, all about Jason. Jim does wonder if Jessica will be someone Hoyt can open up to, or perhaps Hoyt will deal with his feelings of betrayal in a dream featuring Rene. That’s a good reason to bring Michael Raymond James back on the show!

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Hoyt is adorable. And his storyline with Jessica is very sweet. In an otherwise BLOODY series (pun intended) their love story adds an element of humanness.

Do you like Jim Parrack as Hoyt? How do you feel about the storyline he has with Jessica? How do you think it will pan out? Will she kill him eventually?