‘True Blood’ Cast Has Their Own ‘Biggest Loser’ Contest

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

There’s always a lot of hot, hard bodies showcased onTrue Blood.

But Stephen Moyer, aka Vampire Bill, reveals to USA TODAY that there’s a whole lot of incentive going on in the background. Two months ago Moyer challenged the cast and crew to a Biggest Loser-style fitness challenge.

We started because I hadn’t had any love scenes in particular, because I’d been directing, and I hadn’t been to the gym as much as I normally would during a season,” said Moyer. “I was laughing with a couple of the camera boys saying, ‘I’ve got to get back on it Monday.’ And one of their standard jokes is, ‘Yeah, we’re going to start our diets on Monday (too).’ And I went all right, well why don’t you then? It started off as a little joke but by Monday, we decided to do a Biggest Losercompetition for the whole crew.” Thirty-six people jumped into the 2-month-long competition, which will end “probably July 12 when we finish shooting.”

The prizes could be bloody hefty. “Me and Anna are going to do something,” says Moyer, perhaps even a weekend away for the winner and a guest. “I think HBO is, too.” But the loser will have to face Paquin. “Anna was talking about doing one of her crazy juices (for the loser), like some kind of kale and ginger and – they’re (expletive) nasty,” he said. Pregnant or not, “she’s pretty intense,” he grinned. “She can get people do do (stuff).” (USA Today)

Picture credit: Tumbler.com

I guess it just goes to show that The Biggest Loser really has affected everyone big and small, rich and poor.  It seems kind of crazy that our favorite vamps and werewolves need to have a fitness competition, but I’m game for whatever works to keep those bodies rocking for those nude scenes!!  And I did think that Andy lost weight in last night’s season 5 premiere so maybe it is working!!

I could only imagine winning a trip for doing it though…or course to them that’s probably nothing considering the money each of them is raking in (well at least the actors anyway, the crew may be a different story).