Actress Evan Rachel Wood is set to make her debut as Vampire Queen of Louisiana  Sophie-Anne LeClerq on the August 30th episode of HBO’s True Blood, and by all indications, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Show creator Alan Balltold Entertainment Weekly that Sophie-Anne is a vampire “nobody’s ever entirely happy to see,”, and says “she’s very powerful, capricious, and most likely insane.” It is presumed Sophie-Anne will be called upon by Bill Compton to calm the chaos in Bon Temps created by the meanad Maryann Forrestor.

So what do we know about Sophie-Anne?  For starters, she’s somewhere between 400 and 1100 years old, created in her early teens, stensibly French. Sophie-Anne has a special gift that allows her to communicate telepathically with the “children” she’s created

So it sounds like Bon Temps is trading one crazy bitch (Maryann) for another. Or maybe there’s room for two!

Bring it on!

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I can’t wait for Sophie-Anne to come into the picture! I want her to start some trouble, mix things up! I HOPE! That they get rid of Maryann, I just can’t take her anymore!

If you have read the books, do you enjoy Evan Rachel Woods character? Do you think she will start some trouble? Do you think there going to keep Maryann?