Alcide’s Dad is Cast!

Robert Patrick – the actor who plays the shape-shifting TERRIFYING nemesis in Terminator 2 – has landed a recurring role onTrue Blood as sexy werewolf Alcide’s (Joe Manganiello) deadbeat dad.

The character will debut in Season Five’s ninth episode, titledEverybody Wants To Rue The World, during a flashback of Alcide and Debbie Pelt as teens.

AND it was an outstanding debt that Alcide’s father owed to Vampire Eric that made the werewolf help Sookie back in season three! (

I looked at the old pictures from Terminator 2 and that is not how I pictured Alcide’s dad AT ALL!!  I don’t know he just doesn’t seem like a big bad werewolf to me.  He makes me think of Calvin Norris actually…but I looked at a more recent picture and I can see him being a wolf, but he still doesn’t look like Alcide’s dad to me.  But regardless I am super excited for all the werewolf and vampire storylines to come!!