Stephen Moyer helping out for charity

True Blood” star Stephen Moyer may play a vampire on TV, but in real life he has something new to sink his fangs into: charity.

The British actor has teamed up with the charity organizations Facing the World and Facing the Atlantic, which help to raise funds to provide surgeries for children with facial disfigurement. Facing the Atlantic is currently sponsoring the Atlantic Woodvale race, as James Cash and actor Bertie Portal attempt to row a two-man boat from the Canary Islands to Barbados. Portal has been a close friend of Moyer’s for years, and served as his best man at his marriage to “True Blood” co-star Anna Paquin.

Moyer is taking a different (and much less dangerous) approach to raising money for the charity. In addition to urging users on his fansites and to donate, Moyer plans on auctioning off a collection of items, the proceeds of which will go directly to Facing the World. Moyer has a number of signed photos up for auction, the first of which sold for $830 after receiving over 50 bids!  The auctions will continue through the end of the year! via

How cool is that?  You can get your trubie souvenirs AND help a good cause at the same time!!

Come see Jason in a totally different light….the first look at Griff the invisible!!

video via youtube

THERE is a pervasive awkwardness about Griff the Invisible that’s entirely appropriate to its subject matter. The title character (Ryan Kwanten) is a young man who works in an office by day, where he is tormented by the resident bully Tony (Toby Schmitz). But at night, he is a fearless crime fighter, donning a superhero suit and protecting his neighbourhood, with the aid of state-of-the-art surveillance equipment he keeps hidden in his flat. Or at least that’s how it seems.

He does indeed have a superhero suit, and a desire to do good. But there is both more and less to his exploits than first meets the eye. Writer-director Leon Ford’s film is neither a knockabout tale of an Aussie Clark Kent, nor an account of comic or tragic delusion. It is not a spoof or a caper movie either. There are elements of the uncanny and moments of slapstick, and there is wit and lightness to it, but an element of gravity, too.

Griff has a brother, Tim (Patrick Brammall), who seems to be regarded as the more responsible, “normal” member of the family. He is convinced that Griff needs help and can’t be trusted to look after himself. But Tim is capable of some odd behaviour, too – above all the conviction that he has met the girl of his dreams, Melody (Maeve Dermody), a young woman who clearly doesn’t want to have much to do with him. Her parents (Marshall Napier and Heather Mitchell) welcome him into their home, cautiously eager to find someone with whom Melody can develop a relationship.

On the other hand, when Melody meets Griff, she recognises a kindred spirit: she, too, has a singular view of the world, whether it is an idiosyncratic theory about particle physics and the possibility of passing through walls, or a strongly held belief in the multiple existences of cats. She is a little fiercer and sharper than Griff – who can be comically literal, doggedly obsessive, and assertively shy – and she is not prepared to let her recognition of him be merely passive. She is prepared to pursue him, to compel him to acknowledge her and what she might have to offer him. see full article

This looks like it is a much more serious role for Ryan Kwanten, then Jason Stackhouse has been. I wasn’t interested int he movie but after seeing the promo and reading the article, I have to say that my interest is peaked!!

Kwanten a low-key superhero via

The West Australian © Enlarge photo

There is no doubt Aussie star Ryan Kwanten could have suited up as a superhero in one of Hollywood’s comic-book blockbusters coming out this year and next. He is, after all, on top of the world as the star of the cult vampire series True Blood. And he suits the part. He’s 34. He has boyish good looks and flashy blue eyes. He’s rugged yet likable. And with solid small roles in his pocket, he’s now on the verge of serious fame and fortune.

“There have been chances to audition for various superhero roles,” Kwanten admits during a break from filming season four of True Blood. He won’t say which roles, and one can only guess how he’d go in Spider-Man’s spandex tights or The Hulk’s stretchy purple shorts.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m not good at playing those Hollywood superheroes, and none of them appealed to me, so I said I’d rather not do it.”

So why, then, did he snub the obvious fame and fortune in favour of playing Australia’s first true superhero in the tiny $2.7 million fantasy Griff the Invisible?

“What I liked about Griff was that he isn’t your average superhero,” the congenial Kwanten says. “He is full of faults. But who’s to say his reality isn’t better or worse than ours?”

Griff, tellingly, isn’t a true superhero at all. He’s an insular office drone by day and rubber-suited crime fighter by night. When he meets the similarly minded oddball Melody (Maeve Dermody), he’s forced to confront his true identity as a man who’s never outgrown his childhood fantasies.

It’s great seeing actors that actually pick there roles based on the storyline rather than the paycheck. I really hope this one pays off for Kwanten.

True Blood’ Spoilers: Where Does The Action Pick Up For Season 4? via

Fans of the HBO series True Blood were treated to a bit of new information about the next season of the series, which will premiere on HBO this June. When the season does pick up, it will be exactly one year after the end of season three. An entire year will have passed between the events that shocked everyone at the end of last season and the start of this season.

This news is according to Spoiler TV. A jump that far ahead in time for the series means that Jason Stackhouse will no longer be in training to be a cop, but he will be a police officer in Bon Temps. Hopefully, this means he will be a bit better at his job than the stumbles he made in training during last season.

I really don’t know what I think about there being a whole year lapse between season 3 and season 4. I guess I’m just so used to the speed of the books and how close they are…I’ll just to have to wait and see what it’s like. I wonder if this means Sookie has been vampire free for a whole year??

The newest True Blood season 4 promo/teaser from hbovideo via youtube

True Blood to were Jason out via UGO

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Jason’s transformation to Were-Panther this coming season, as in the books? See for yourself below!

This season will also see Jason taking on the mantle of both Sheriff’s Deputy and caretaker of Hot Shot, as well as involvement from both a new love interest and the returning Crystal.

Guest stars for the coming season will include the scantily-clad wife of Brandon Routh, Courtney Ford (Dexter) as Detective Bellefleur’s lawyer sister Portia, Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter’s Petunia Dursely) as the season’s main villain fortune-teller Marnie, Office Space’s Gary Cole and possibly even the return of Denis O’Hare’s King Russell.

I never was a big fan of Jason becoming a werepanther…but this promo makes it look interesting…and it makes it look like it’s more Crystal’s fault…I guess time will tell…they go one thing right…waiting does suck!!

Arlene appeal explained via digital spy

Speaking to TV Choice Magazine, Preston explained that she believes Arlene is a good representation of people who live in the South.

“She’s responsible for serving up a lot of the humor on the show, but she’s also really authentically Southern, and I was raised in the South,” she said.

“Sometimes I get a little annoyed by how some people want to generalize Southerners by making them rednecks or white trash. I try to find ways to humanise her – to find ways to ground the humor and reality.”

Preston added that she likes Arlene’s determination and work ethic.

I’ve always found the show Arlene to be a little on the annoying side…but I guess she does have her moments…my favorite was in season one when she asked how Sookie was going to nurse a baby with fangs.