3 Star rating
Treachery in Death
In Death, Book #32
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780399157035
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treachery_in_deathPeabody is riding high after slam dunking her case while serving as primary detective.  But her good mood comes crashing down and her life hangs in the balance when she overhears a couple of dirty cops talking about drugs, corruption, and murder that they are involved with in the locker room.

Peabody enlists the help of her lieutenant and together they pull out all the stops and use all their resources to help bring down a ring of corruption inside the ranks of the NYPSD.

The beginning of this book was chock full of excitement!  It was great seeing Peabody coming into her own and taking charge of a case and then to have the shitstorm that fell into her lap come to light.  You could feel for her with the fear of being discovered in the shower stall.  It was also nice to see McNab’s protective side rear its ugly head.  I was hoping to see some of this story from Peabody’s point of view and get to delve into her relationship more, but even without that the book was still good.

We got to see Eve at her most fierce in this book as she fights one of the things she hates the most; disrespect of the badge.  It was amusing to see her purposely baiting and angering Renee and Garnet.  I could completely understand the joy Eve got from upsetting the dirty lieutenant, and I found it to be a lot of fun.

I enjoyed this book, but it did have a little bit of lull toward the end that made me lose my interest for a while.  I think that’s the drawback of knowing who your bad guys are from the onset of the book.  I did get reigned back in for the last chapter or two and found the action-packed ending to be entertaining.  I think any In Death series fan will easily enjoy this story.