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Vampires and witches, time travelers and alien invaders, superheroes and a Stargate — they’re waiting just around the corner as a new TV season begins.
Check out the teaser trailers for all the new shows and returning favorites after the jump.

Eastwick, ABC
Three women discover they have magical powers when a devilish presence named Darryl Van Horne comes to town.

FlashForward, ABC
Everyone on the planet blacks out for 2 minutes 17 seconds. When they come to, they remember a vision of what they’ll be doing six months in the future. Chaos ensues.

Ghost Whisperer, CBS
Melinda and Jim will have their hands full when the series jumps forward in time and their little boy begins to out-ghost-whisper Melinda in the fifth season.

Heroes, NBC
It’s season four, but is Nathan Sylar or is Sylar Nathan?

Medium, CBS
Allison recovering from the results of her brain tumor, in the show’s sixth season.

Smallville, The CW
In its ninth season it looks like Zod is back and Clark may just finally have to accept his destiny.

SGU: Stargate Universe, Syfy
Forget tidy Stargate stories. This new Stargate takes place on a dilapidated Ancient ship with a mission that won’t allow the unexpected crew to get home.

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This are a lot of new series to watch on TV or online. Are you going to watch all or just a few? Are you a fan of supernatural TV series?