Touched by an Alien

Katherine “Kitty” Kat, Book #1

By Gini Koch

ISBN# 9780756406004

Author’s Website:

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Kitty was trying to leave the courthouse, after being released from jury duty, when she witnessed a fender bender.  The man turned into a monster and even sprouted wings!  Kitty didn’t have much time, but sprang into action and killed him with the Mont Blanc pen her father had given her.

Then, the men in the Armani suits appeared.  It turns out they’re aliens from another planet that came to Earth to save us from the parasites.  Parasites that attach themselves to humans creating superbeings, like the one she killed.  Now they want to enlist Kitty to help in their fight!

Unfortunately, Kitty’s act of bravery made it on national news channels everywhere and she’s in danger, along with everyone she loves.  The aliens gather up her parents and their four dogs and three cats. Together, they try to figure out how to stop the biggest most powerful superbeing of them all, Mephistopheles, who has attached himself to a head of a terrorist group.  It turns out that Kitty’s parents have been leading secret lives themselves and her mom has been fighting the terrorist group that Mephistopheles’s host is in charge of!  They must figure out how to destroy Mephistopheles and it just may take one spunky human girl to figure it out!

This is not my usual kind of book.  I’m all for the paranormal, but I typically draw the line at aliens.  I was told this was a good series though and decided to step outside my comfort zone a bit.  The first half of this book was really hard for me to read.  The author was shooting for a Men in Black type of storyline, but it was a poor imitation, in my opinion.  It was very cheesy, especially with alien, Jeff Martini, confessing his love for Kitty from the moment they met.  He was constantly looking for opportunities to prove it to her in the physical sense.  It ended up giving the book the feel that it was setting us up for a bad alien porno.  I guess that shouldn’t have been a big surprise considering the corny title.   The book did end up getting better as the book went on, although I can’t say that it was good by any means.  I may even consider reading another book from the series in the future, but I won’t be rushing to do so anytime soon.

I found some of the characters to be interesting though, and I wouldn’t mind getting to know Reader and Christopher a little better!