Dark Kings, Book #13

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9781250109590

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Ulrik’s life changed when his brethren killed his woman all those years ago.  He was filled with so much rage and he lashed out at the only people he could harm; the humans.  He ordered his dragons to kill them all and thousands lost their lives before Ulrik was stopped.  Several of the other Dragon Kings agreed with Ulrik, but Con decided to uphold the vow they made to protect the mortals, even if they were killing their dragons.  The Kings worked together and bound Ulrik’s magic and Con banished him from Dreagan.  He ended up going insane from all that was done and he used his need for revenge to claw his way back to sanity.  He has found a way to get his magic unbound. Now all that’s left is for him to kill Con and take over the Kings and go back to the land he loves.

Ulrik’s Uncle Mikkel is still a thorn in his side though that must be eliminated.  Mikkel was jealous of Ulrik’s father and then Ulrik when they became king of the silvers.  Now he has aspirations to kill both Ulrik and Con and become king of kings.  And he has enlisted the powerful druid, Eilish, to aid him in his task.  He is using information on her mother that she never knew to force her to do his bidding.  However, once she meets Ulrik, she starts to question her actions.

Meanwhile, the Kings keep acquiring enemies and things are about to come to a head.  There could not be a worse time for Ulrik or Mikkel to finally challenge Con.  Will the kings survive what lies ahead or will the sins of their past be their undoing?

I was so excited to see this was Ulrik’s book!  I’ve been waiting for him to finally be redeemed throughout the series (and the Reapers series as well).  I was expecting a truly epic read, so this story did fall a little flat for me.  There was a lot of blah blah blah and then Ulrik found himself in an insta-romance, which was still kind of blah, if I’m being honest.  The resolution between him and Con seemed rather instant … too instant really.   Which don’t get me wrong, I liked how it all worked out, it just seemed so sudden.

The epilogue was a bit choppy as we got a preview of what is to come.  I think we just got a glimpse of Con’s future mate, who we’ve met before if you’ve kept up with this series and the Reapers.  There will be one angry actress when she gets wind of it! 

Overall this was an okay read, I had just hoped for more out of Ulrik’s story.

“Fate will chew you up and spit you out many times, taking you away from those you love and dumping you into places you never wanted to be. It’s up to each of us where we choose to belong. We can either fight everything, or accept what we’re given and make the most of it–Ulrik”