To Woo a Warrior

Southern Sanctuary, Book #1

By Jane Cousins

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Hadleigh Valhalla has not had good experiences with men.  She’s taller and curvier than most of her kind and she’d rather be fighting than worrying about her appearance.  Not to mention, her honesty and inexperience can combine and be quite brutal at times.  In fact, she has sworn off men altogether.

However, Hadleigh’s Aunt Alma has taken over as the family’s matchmaker.  Without strong meld matches the family will die out and it’s Alma’s job to make the family stronger once again.  Although, Hadleigh is sure that Alma wouldn’t start with her of all people!  Instead, Alma has a favor to insist on.  One of the characters on her favorite reality TV show, Paranormal Exterminators, has quit and she wants Hadleigh to audition to take her place for the last four weeks of the season.  Hadleigh would rather gouge her eyes out, but if the alternative is being matched with random men she’ll gladly take the job!

Vaughn was instantly attracted to Hadleigh the moment he saw her, but so was the rest of his team!  However, Hadleigh is not like most women.  She doesn’t like compliments and will cause bodily harm if you try to flirt with her.  She is a warrior and he must find a way to woo her on her terms!

“What happened?”  He directed the question her way.

Hadleigh shrugged, it seemed obvious to her. “I think I broke the pretty one.”

Meanwhile there have been two recent attacks while they were on the case.  Only someone strong in magic would be able to set these events in motion.  They must find out who before someone gets seriously hurt!

I really did not think I would like this book.  It sounded really corny.  However, I decided to give it a chance and I was really surprised that I ended up actually enjoying it.  I loved Vaughn and his sweet way of wooing Hadleigh with his dates!  He seemed like a nice guy.  Hadleigh was fun too especially when wreaking havoc on the rest of the team when they didn’t heed her warnings!

I found Hadleigh’s people to be interesting and I’m looking forward to learning about their ways and their meld matching!

I did figure out the big twist in this book right before it was revealed, but I still enjoyed it anyway!  I’m quickly going to add the rest of the series to me to read list!

And I’ll leave you with Meant to be by Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line because I think it’s a perfect song to go with this book!