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To Live Again
Learning to Live Again #1
By Dori Lavelle
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** Due to sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. **

After losing the future that was promised to her, Kelsey O’Neil says goodbye to her old life and sets out on a journey to capture her own independence, find happiness, and maybe even true love.

A cozy cottage in a quaint Irish town seems the perfect place to start again. And Shaun Brannon, the sexy but mysterious author next door, could be her second chance at love. But Shaun is incapable of opening his heart to any woman. Can Kelsey find out why before she falls too hard?

Eight years ago, Shaun Brannon stopped believing in love, or marriage. His only belief now is in lust. The demons he wrestles with daily are too dark to let him get close to a woman without breaking her heart. Then along comes Kelsey, who makes him wonder how it might feel to give love another chance. Is he brave enough to show her his deepest scars?

This is a new edition of a book originally published under the title Chocolate Aftertaste. 


First off I should let you know I am a great fan of the author Dori Lavelle and her Moments in Time series.  Overall, I really liked this book.  It had all the requisite components…sexy guy, sexy girl, intrigue as to each of their stories and steamy parts to keep a reader interested.  However….I found the first chapter a bit disjointed and not up to the standards I expect from the author, but luckily after that, the story takes off with and a bit of back story is written about Kelsey and from that point onwards I felt the story was more cohesive.  And then I got hooked and could NOT put the story down.

Although Kelsey is in Dreara as a result of a broken heart, I was happy to read about this strong woman.  When “bad” stuff happened to derail her plans for the future, she did what had to be done and got out of a bad situation and as a result of this is embarking on a self-imposed journey to discover and follow HER dreams and not those of her controlling father.  Yeah!!!!  I must say there was one chuckle worthy moment (okay there certainly are more…just want you to discover them yourself) ….Kelsey began the journey of her long suppressed passion (cooking) and the first attempt results in smoke, LOTS of smoke….and a hot neighbor coming to the rescue 🙂

Shaun is one smooth talker… it made me really appreciate his swoon worthiness. One of his comments struck me as very succinct, real and displayed his character as an honest guy….when he responded to Kelsey’s surprised reaction to his comment about her looks….he responded with:

“It wasn’t meant as a compliment. I’m only telling the truth.” 

Shaun’s story is only touched upon in this story….but from what is revealed….it is a very heart wrenching tale (keep the Kleenex handy).  When I read that Shaun was from Serendipity it was like going home….the tie in with the  Moments in Time series.

Both main characters are filled with much angst and distrust of the opposite sex.  There journey is intense, sexy and interesting!  And let me tell you, their sojourn to the farmer’s market and what happened there was definitely swoon worthy. Dori…you can certainly write those hot scenes!!!!!!

Now let us get on to a couple of the supporting cast of characters:  what can I say about Maeve.  She is a character and pushes Kelsey outside of her comfort zone in a very good way.  I think we all should have one friend who is bubbly, full of energy and does not let little things (like other people’s opinions) affect the way they approach life…full of vitality.  All I can say is that Maeve is a breath of fresh air which is sorely needed in Kelsey’s life.  I enjoyed the townspeople (specifically the women in the beauty shop)….I can just envision them sitting around and gossiping about the new hot guy in town.  Brian and Sarah (Kelsey’s landlords) are just your typical sweet, down to earth small town country folk as well as the parents of Maeve.

The upshot from reading this wonderful book is that I cannot wait for To Love Again to continue on with Kelsey and Shaun’s journey! Dori Lavelle…you have done it again.  Thank you!

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*