To Breathe Again

Learning to Live Again 3

By Dori Lavelle

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After years of running away from the past, Shaun Brannon returns to Serendipity, his home town. He’s finally ready to come face to face with the demons he’d left behind. With Kelsey O’Neil reminding him to breathe, the future no longer seems as scary.

But are the people he hurt ready to forgive him for what he robbed them of? Can he finally let go and start a new life with Kelsey? Or will the challenges he’s about to face hinder him from moving on?


Wow!!!  That is really all I have to say about the conclusion of Shaun and Kelsey’s journey.  And I thought the saga could not get any more emotional than book two of this series.  Well, I was wrong!  To Breathe Again is an engaging novella that held my interest throughout…so much so that I had to read the book in one sitting.  Luckily for me the box of Kleenex was nearby when I began the read.

The depth of character of Shaun really struck a chord with me.  He has been through so much.  And yet his woman Kelsey stands by him.  That certainly says a lot about Kelsey (and yes….she has been through a tremendous amount as well).  Before Shaun can move on with Kelsey he must set things right in his hometown of Serendipity.  So they travel from Ireland to Serendipity where Shaun feels he must apologize once again for his past to the parents of his deceased wife, Carmen.  Things don’t go well, to say the least.  But through it all Kelsey stands by her man.

Shaun’s family is amazing, supportive and just plain grateful to have Shaun back in their lives.  The boys (as I like to refer to Shaun’s hunky brothers), do some pretty amazing things for Shaun and Kelsey….you will just have to read the book to find out 🙂

I liked that Melisa could provide so much needed support and advice to Kelsey when fitting in with the local community seemed all but impossible.  Especially since Kelsey’s best mate (Maeve) is back in Ireland so she is totally alone and devoid of female friendships in Serendipity.

There are moments of pure joy and total devastation in this book.  Taking you from high, to low, to high again.  What a wonderfully heart felt roller coaster of a ride.

Ms. Lavelle, you have truly done it again!  Producing an ending to Shaun and Kelsey’s story that was both captivating, gripping, gut wrenching in addition to smile producing.  And let us not forget, hot as well!  And we got to connect with some residents of Serendipity (Heat and Melisa to name a couple), for those of us that have the wonderful experience of reading Ms. Lavelle’s Moments in Time series.

My advice…run….do not walk to your computer and order the WHOLE series and get reading. 🙂  You will not be sorry (if romance is your thing of course).