Tiger vs. Nightmare

By Emily Tetri

ISBN: 9781626725355

Author Website: emilytetri(.)com

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Caro


Tiger is a very lucky kid: she has a monster living under her bed. Every night, Tiger and Monster play games until it’s time for lights out. Of course, Monster would never try to scare Tiger—that’s not what best friends do.

But Monster needs to scare someone…it’s a monster, after all. So while Tiger sleeps, Monster scares all of her nightmares away. Thanks to her friend, Tiger has nothing but good dreams. But waiting in the darkness is a nightmare so big and mean that Monster can’t fight it alone. Only teamwork and a lot of bravery can chase this nightmare away.

In this charming graphic novel for young readers, cartoonist Emily Tetri proves that unlikely best friends can be an unbeatable team, even agianst the scariest monsters.


Tiger vs. Nightmare is a short comic story where we see the everyday life of little Tiger. She comes home from school, interacts with her parents, has dinner and always remembers to take an extra plate of food for the monster under the bed. But this monster is no scary monster. Monster has been friends with Tiger for a long time and he protects Tiger’s dreams from scary nightmares.

Tiger’s parents think she’s hungry and that is why she is always taking an extra plate of food. Meanwhile, Monster plays with Tiger different games every night before going to bed, but what happens when Monster can’t protect Tiger from the nightmares? Tiger and Monster team up to protect her dreams.

This comic has a  wonderful message delivered through a cute little tiger and her monster friend: the power of believing in yourself. When Tiger has trouble sleeping, she does not let herself be defeated, she instead believes in herself and what she can do to solve the problem. And along with the help of Monster, they keep the nightmares away.

Tiger vs. Nightmare is a great story for all ages with cute characters and a nice watercolor illustration. A great bedtime story recommendation.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*