3 Star rating

This Same Earth

Elemental Mysteries, Book #2

By Elizabeth Hunter

ISBN# 2940013479173

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this-same-earth-elemental-mysteries-elizabeth-hunterIt’s been five years since Beatrice has seen Giovanni.  She has moved to L.A., gotten a job at a library she loves, and even has a serious boyfriend, Mano.  But she can never forget about the ‘smoking’ vampire.  Of course, Giovanni isn’t about to let her forget about him.  He breaks into her house every year to leave plane tickets to his home in Cochamo Valley that Beatrice loves.  Unfortunately he never shows his face while she’s there.

So, imagine Beatrice’s surprise when Gio appears at the library, requesting her specifically to help him with some research.  Not only that, but he insists that he’s there for her and declares he’s never leaving again.  She doesn’t buy it though and just wants him to leave her alone.  Eventually even Mano realizes that Gio owns B’s heart and has no choice but to let her go.

But before that Mano is nearly killed and then Carwyn’s son goes missing.  It quickly becomes apparent that Lorenzo is back to causing problems and Gio won’t rest until he finds his son and kills him once and for all.  Not to mention there is still the matter of finding Beatrice’s father.  And, Beatrice isn’t about to be left behind!

It’s been quite a while since I read the first book of this series, A Hidden Fire, so I had to reacquaint myself with all the characters and the series in general.  I’m glad that I did as this was a decent read.  And, now that Gio thinks Beatrice has finally grown up we see the intimacy the first book lacked!  Even if Beatrice is in denial for a good portion of the book!

I did love seeing Giovanni’s protective side even if he does go overboard at times.  The sexual innuendo was fun too!

And, Ben was an added bonus as well!  So, we get to see a fatherly side of Giovanni that we hadn’t seen before!  And Ben was a lot of fun in his own right.  I loved how he teased his fake uncle!

Unfortunately, nothing was solved when it came to Lorenzo or Stephen, you’d think we were getting somewhere, but then all roads ended up turning into dead ends.  So this book was more about the romance and Gio and B finding each other once again.

“I love you, Beatrice De Novo. I fell in love with the girl I met six years ago, and I love the woman in front of me even more.”