Women of the Otherworld, Book #13

By Kelley Armstrong

ISBN# 9781841498034

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thirteen-women-of-the-otherworld-kelley-armstrongThirteen picks up where Spellbound left off.  Things are going to hell in a handbasket in the supernatural world as there are factions fighting over revealing themselves to the world or to continue hiding as they have for their entire existence.  Savannah, Adam, and Jaime just escaped the lab with a very ill Bryce in tow.  He’s been infected with a virus that was supposed to make him immortal.  Now he’s on his deathbed as the doctors scramble to figure out how to save him.

The Supernatural Liberation Movement (SLAM) is amping up their efforts to reveal the supernatural species to the world.  Savannah gets arrested on a bogus charge, to which Jamie works her magic to get arrested with her.  They discover a plot where the police are drugging the supernaturals captured and shipping them off to a lab for experimentation.  But someone has changed up the drugs and now the supernaturals have no inhibitions making them more dangerous than ever.  Jamie and Savannah must survive a raging werewolf, a hellsbeast that shouldn’t even be able to manifest on this plane and others to escape their prison, only for Savannah to be captured by the Nast Cabal that locks her up in a hidden jail of their own.  But luckily she has Sean on her side who finds her and gets her out.  But even Sean can’t save her from going on trial.  And when her demon grandfather, Balaam, interferes it goes from bad to worse.

Oh and did I mention that Savannah’s mother was brought back in the flesh by a sorcerer’s spell?  Until the Fates recall her that is.  And we even got to see Savannah’s dad (I LOVE Kristof) in ghostly form for a minute as he helped get her out of her dire situation.

SLAM is about to make their biggest play yet, infecting their first two targets with their virus and all the supernaturals must band to together to try to stop it before it’s too late.

I wanted to really like this book, it’s the last in the series after all, so I was expecting an amazing read.  But sadly it just wasn’t.  I found myself bored with Savannah and crew fighting all the captures and all the politics involved with SLAM and everyone else trying to force their agendas on those around them.

One good thing is that Savannah and Adam have finally admitted their feelings to one another and are starting a relationship.  Although it doesn’t have quite the steam that Elena and Clay had at the start of the series.  But it’s sweet.  Although with everything going on, they don’t get much time to explore the relationship and give it the justice it deserves.

We also get to see Karl and Hope again as Hope and their unborn child are in grave danger at the hands of SLAM.

It was nice seeing all the couples that we have grown to love, but I was just expecting so much more with the finale of the series.