4 star rating
There’s Wild, Then There’s You
The Wild Ones, Book #3
By M. Leighton
ISBN# 9780425267820
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theres-wild-then-theres-you-the-wild-ones-m-leightonViolet Wilson has lived a life of taking care of everyone else, from her alcoholic father, to her needy cousin, and even her best friend!  She’s convinced herself that she enjoys helping people and avoids anything that she thinks could become a vice, such as alcohol or even love!  She works as a social worker dedicating her life to those that need her help.

Her latest mission is to get her best friend, Tia, help for her sex addiction that threatens to ruin the relationship she has with long-term boyfriend, Dennis.  But when Tia is a no-show at the Sexual Addictions Anonymous meeting that she begged Violet to go to her with for support, Violet is forced to lie and claim that she is a sex addict!

At the meeting she finds herself being watched by the most beautiful blue eyes, as the man behind them is captivated by Violet!  Jet is a sexy and charismatic rocker with his easy grin and charming ways; everything that Violet knows she should avoid!  But he quickly becomes another person that she can help!  But who’s going to help her from falling for the sexy playboy?  Especially when neither of them are being completely honest with one another.  Can a relationship built on lies survive, once the truth is revealed?

This is the first book I’ve read by M. Leighton and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the book, if I would, especially with Jet always referring to Violet as ‘Violet, sex addict” in his thoughts.  I can’t tell you how happy I was when he quit doing that!  But once the story started building a bit, I found I really enjoyed the it.  Something about fictional rock stars that I just can’t help, but be drawn to!

This duo definitely had their issues to work out (self-inflicted issues due to the lies and secrets they were holding on to).  But they were a fun engaging couple that draws you into their own little web.  I did often ask myself how either of them could expect to find a decent loyal significant other at a sex addiction meeting though!

Speaking of sex, there is definitely some pent up sexual chemistry between this couple, but surprisingly to me, based on the cover of this book, there is actually only one full-on sex scene!  But oh what a sex scene it was!!  Steamy, hot, and just GRRR!  It definitely gets the heart rate up!

The book had a nice sweet ending.  I’d like to see more of this couple, but I don’t really think they have any more story to tell.

This is a fast and fun read that any romance lover will be sure to enjoy!  It’s nothing heavy or all that thought-provoking, but still a good way to spend a day or two, lounging by the pool or on a nice sunny beach, perhaps.

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