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There’s Wild, Then There’s You is the first book I’ve ever read by M. Leighton, and I must say that I really enjoyed it.

It’s about two people meeting a Sex Addict’s Anonymous meeting, one being there to support a friend, the other to try and win a bet.  I’m sure you can guess who for each of those scenarios.  But despite knowing it’s a bad idea to get involved with one another, they can’t help, but fall for each other, despite their relationship being built on lies.

Leighton really created part of this playlist for me, as she included some songs and bands in her book, that I would be a fool not to include in the soundtrack for this novel!

Jet is the lead singer of a band that performs a lot of rock cover songs.  So I envision this soundtrack as a walk down memory lane of classic rock hits and I hope you will enjoy it!


In the book when Violet first visits the club, not knowing that Jet is even in a band, let alone that he’s performing there that night.  She comes into a Great White song, Leighton does not list the song, so I decided to fill in the blank for her with Once Bitten, Twice Shy.


Per the book, he followed that with Animal by Def Leopard.


And the last song that Leighton gave us was Through Glass, the only song with that name that came to mind for me was Stone Sour’s (although they don’t fit the classic rock theme)! And, it was an acoustic version in the book that he sang directly to Violet so, I went with acoustic here as well.


The book did mention a song, “Eyes Open” or something similar to that, I believe it was one that Jet had written and mentioned something about her being under his skin and Violet found the song really fitting.  So I decided to include the closet thing I could find Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol.


And since Jet’s band played predominantly cover songs, what would the playlist be without a few cover songs?

Simple Man performed by Shinedown


Born to be Wild performed by Hinder


Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Guns ‘n’ Roses


And I decided to go back to Def Leopard to end this playlist with Let’s Get Rocked, just because it’s fun and I’ll probably not get a chance to use it in another playlist.


Thanks for checking out my playlist for this fun book, I hope you enjoyed it!  I would love to see what songs you would put on this playlist!  Feel free to comment with your choices below in the comments section!

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