Season 1, Episode 04

Episode Title: The World in the Walls

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar

After a recap of the previous episodes, the World in the Walls starts with Quentin waking up back in the Mental Health Clinic of Midtown. All he has is pajamas and his Filory collection, and a roommate. While walking down the hall, he meets with Eliot that is asking him for “Happy Pills” and his psychiatric Dr. Jennifer London. He argues that he should be in Brakebills instead of the mental clinic and that he is a magician. He attempts to do a spell, but it doesn’t work; an orderly that look like Penny and is called the same tells the doctor about the pills that he found in Quentin’s room that he wasn’t taking. Dr. London explains that the court order Quentin’s admission and that without his medication he starts to hallucinate about Brakebills and being a magician.


Quentin is sure that everything is a lie and that he is in a type of trial dream. He is attack by the moths of the Beast, but is told that is was only a hallucination. He also meets with an Alice that believes that she is from space and that they can escape together. Julia goes to see him, and tells him that she and James are engaged.   He tells her about Brakebills and she doesn’t believe, but makes the mistake of mentioning about the fireworks that she isn’t supposed of have seen.   Remembering that Penny hated that Quentin sang Taylor Swift’s songs, he uses the music therapy to sing “Shake it Off.”

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Doctor London brings Quentin’s dad to explain that Quentin had an “episode” during a family dinner and attacked his dad thinking that he was the Beast, and because of this incident he was committed. Later on, he dreams of Janet, who tells him that it’s all an illusion, and that the secret to get out it’s in the Filory books, but the problem is that his roommate ripped them apart.

The real Penny is able to find his way to Quentin’s dream and Quentin asks him to find his body so he can wake up. It is revealed that everything is a spell made by Julia and Marina with the helped of Kady. Kady helped Eliot and Penny find Quentin’s body, but aren’t able to wake him up, and call Dean Fogg for helped.

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Marina takes Julia to the boundary of the protection spells around Brakebills to get in when Dean Fogg summons a lesser demon to break the spell on Quentin. The plan was to make Dean Fogg lower the shield enough around the school to summon the demon and get into his office, and retrieve the memories of her time in Brakebills before she was expelled and her memories stored.


Kady starts to worry that Quentin isn’t waking up after the demon and Penny went inside his dream, but Dean Fogg tells them that it’s up to Quentin to wake up on his own. Kady goes to Dean Fogg’s office to tell Julia about Quentin’s condition and takes her to the physical cottage to reverse the spell only to be told by Dean Fogg that it’s too late to reverse it, if only she had come an hour earlier they would have had a chance to safe Quentin.

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With the help of Janet, Quentin is able to free himself from the spell and wake up. After Marina stoles her memories from Dean Fogg’s office, she transports Julia out of the cottage, as the protective spells turned back on. Dean Fogg scolds Quentin for not telling the school about knowing that Julia had her memories; Quentin understands, but tells Dean Fogg to teach him magic so he can make his own decision about how to use it.


The episode ends with Marina restoring her memories and casting Julia out of the Hedge Witches, as she left the Dean’s office and told Dean Fogg about her and why Marina was there, betraying Marian in her eyes.


I liked the episode, for a moment I couldn’t figure out why Quentin was in a Mental Clinic. I found funny the scenes of the imaginary Penny, and more when the real Penny got into the dream and called him racist. Another thing that I liked, was Quentin’s version of “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, it’s great how they used the information that the writers gave randomly in previous episodes. Like in the second episode, when the Beast attacked, in The World in the Walls the viewer doesn’t see what were the events that lead to what is happening, but are briefly told by other characters. I think that Kady’s alliance is starting to change to Brakebills from the Hedge Witches, and I still want to know why she works for them. I hope next episode we learn if Alice left Brakebills, see what is Julia doing without the Hedge Witches to teach her, and more magic classes for the students. What did you think of the fourth episode of the Magicians, and why do you think that Marina was expelled? Tell us in the comments.