5 star rating
The Winter Long
October Daye Series, Book #8
By Seanan McGuire
ISBN #978-0756408084
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Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.

She was wrong.

It’s time to learn the truth.


For you there’s rosemary and rue; these keep

seeming and savor all the winter long.

Grace and remembrance be to you both.

                        ─ William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale.

As the previous books in the October Daye Series, The Winter Long catches the attention of the reader on the first chapters and it doesn’t let you go until you finish it, even leaving you wanting more and more.

Now, Sir October Christine Daye, Knight of Lost Words, Sworn to Duke Sylvester Torquill of Shadowed Hills, is a Hero of the realm. As the Queen in the Mist puts it, she is to be called when there is something needed to be killed. But readers and fans you must remember that Oberon King of Faerie declared that all heroes are his children, so now the question is, what is Toby?

For fans of the October Daye series, The Winter Long is full of good and bad surprises. Answers to questions you might have had guessed, will be answered, like part of the riddle,

“Beware the Lady of the Lake, because she’s never forgiven you your story, but to be more afraid by far of Morgane”

Some characters of the previous books will make an appearance; the dead will stay dead, and the living will live or sleep; friendships will be broken, alliances will shift, and payments will be done. In this book there are no new characters or types of fae, just the same ones we have come to love and fear, also, we will look more into one of the most important fae lines in the series.

At this point I recommend you to read the previous books to understand the “Oh’s”, “Ah’s” that you’ll be saying while reading the book (or at least the first one). This book is perfect for fans of Seanan McGuire and the October Daye series, it’s a changing point for Toby and now she can go back to the life she had before.

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