4 star rating
The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd
The MacGregors: Highland Heirs, book #2
By Paula Quinn
ISBN: 9781455519460
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As the sheltered niece of a Highland chief, Caitrina Grant longs for adventure beyond the lush hills of Scotland. So when a pirate ship glides into the loch, tempting her with promises of exotic lands and hidden treasures, Trina sneaks aboard. But she is unprepared for the consequences-and the seductive captain who demands the ultimate price for her deception . . .


For Alexander Kidd, the sea is no place for a lady. Pursued by deadly enemies from every direction, Alex won’t rest until he claims the bounty of riches left to him by his father, the notorious Captain Kidd. A stowaway will not be tolerated-no matter how beautiful. But soon fighting his desire for Trina becomes his toughest battle yet, and he will have to make an agonizing choice: sacrifice his quest-or lose the woman who has stolen his heart.


This is an 18th century historical fiction that is just delightful and makes me keen to read more by the author.

Catrina is a highland lass who after sending away many suitors has been promised in marriage to a highlander by her father. Considering this a fate worse than death and deciding to have one last chance at adventure, she decides to check out a pirate ship which has docked in the harbor. With her cousin, they board the ship however fall asleep and, when they awaken they find out the ship has set sail and, they are stowaways on the ship of Captain Kidd, a notorious pirate.. Catrina soon finds out the dangers of the pirate life and learns if she is to survive she will have to use all of her skills that she learned on land. Life at sea is rough, dangerous and she knows that being a woman she is at risk of being taken advantage of. She develops a friendship with Captain Kidd, and eventually realizes that she loves not only him but the adventurous life he can give her. Convincing him to keep her on board will be her greatest challenge especially knowing that her father will come to get her. I loved her spunkiness throughout the story as she takes on the notorious Alex Kidd.

Alex, on finding the stowaways, is angry. The last thing he needs is a beautiful woman on board his ship. He finds Catrina enchanting but knows that she will get in the way of his quest. As much as he wants her off the ship something stops him each time. Alex has been in love before and knows that love had cost him everything; so, he is reluctant to get involved again. As Catrina proves over and over that indeed she can cope with life at sea, he eventually realizes he can’t live without her. When her father does come for her Alex knows he will have to prove himself to her clansmen if he wishes to have a relationship with Catrina .Other than that he may be fighting for his life.

The story is full of sea battles, intrigue and lots of Scottish lilt to keep the reader turning pages. I know for a fact I will be looking for more stories written by Paula Quinn. A great book to curl up with and wile a few hours away.

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