The Weeping Empress
By Sadie S. Forsythe
ISBN 9781105443534
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Chiyo Alglaeca was happy in her life. That is, until it was all taken away. Forced into notoriety, stalked by a mysterious cult, hunted by the emperor, and facing betrayal at every turn she clings to the only safety she can find: two enigmatic men and the sharp bringer of death, Salvation. The Weeping Empress explores the devastating effects of loss, the hunt for redemption, and the price of destiny. It questions the true meaning of evil and asks what monster is not also an innocent? (Goodreads)


Chiyo Alglaeca is living quietly with her husband Michael and her young daughter Hannah.  Until one fateful night, she wakes up and finds herself in an unknown land.  She encounters two warriors by the names of Muhjah and Senka and she decides to join them in their fight against the evil Emperor Kenichi.  They can’t help but marvel at how she survives each ferocious battle given that she has no proper training.

Muhjah and Senka are not the only ones that notice there is something very special about Chiyo.  An old woman named Andela thinks she knows the reason why.  She informs the Sisters of the Sacerdotisa that she believes that she has found the Right Hand of the Goddess. The Right Hand is said to be the savior of all people in this world torn apart by cruelty and war.  Chiyo has to decide if she is a believer or just another lost soul.

I wanted to love this book.  I really tried, but in the end, I just couldn’t make an emotional connection to the characters.  I wanted to know more about how Chiyo felt about being torn from her existing family for reasons unknown.  I wanted to know more about the developing relationship between Chiyo and Senka.  Any insight to how Chiyo coped with her feelings and fears would have gone a long way for me.

There are still some incredible aspects of the book, as well.  The action, the world building and the Samurai influenced details will most definitely stand out to the reader and I would recommend it based on that alone.   The Weeping Empress is a unique read that dystopian lovers will want to add to their reading list.