historical4 star rating

The Viscount Risks it All

Prelude To a Kiss, Book #4

By Erin Knightley

ISBN: 9780451473660

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The Viscount Risks it All by Erin Knightley

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From the bestselling author of The Duke Can Go to the Devil, comes a new novel about destiny, and taking a risk on a second chance at love…

Gavin Stark, Viscount Derington, learned his lesson when his childhood love was swept off her feet by another man before Dering could declare himself. Ever since, he has lived a life of no regrets—reaching for what he wants while never again allowing himself to lose his heart. If the experience taught him anything, it was never to risk what he wasn’t willing to lose.

Lady Felicity Danby had everything she ever wanted in life until the moment her husband died, turning her world upside down. A year and a half later, she is finally ready to return to Bath to spend the summer visiting family. She finds comfort in her old childhood friend, but is taken off guard when passion begins to simmer between them. She’s already lost everything once—can she possibly risk her heart a second time?



This is a delightful story of two people who were destined to be together in their youth but because of circumstance never connected. Erin Knightley really knows how to engage her reader into historical fiction. Easily you can immerse yourself into the setting and characters.

Felicity comes to Bath still in the throes of Grief after losing her husband .She really hopes to meet up with her old childhood friend Gavin who she spent many happy times with. What she doesn’t know is that Gavin had wanted to marry her in the past and was heartbroken when she chose another.  Reluctant to get involved again he tries to distance himself from Felicity however social engagements keep putting them together. As much as he tries he knows he still feels the same about her however now he will have to see if the feelings are mutual.

Felicity is still very young, a mother, and really doesn’t know if she is ready for another relationship. What she does know is that she gets upset every time she thinks she might lose Gavin.

I loved the way the author allowed the two characters to renew their friendship and get it established before introducing the love connection.

The love between Gavin and Felicity was slow to grow but the reader knew that what they had developed would be long lasting. I found it interesting that even with Gavin in her life Felicity did not forget where she came from before and the life she had there.

The story is easy to read and is good material to curl up with as the days become shorter and cooler and I know I will look forward to other historical fiction by Erin Knightley.