4 star

The Trouble With Scotland

Kilts and Quilts series, #5

By Patience Griffin

IBSN: 9780451476395

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Description:  The Trouble With Scotland

Return to the Scottish Highlands in the latest Kilts and Quilts novel from the author of The Accidental Scot
The quilting ladies of the Scottish village of Gandiegow are known to piece together more than just fabric . . .
Life isn’t going as planned and Sadie Middleton is rethinking her whole future. Thankfully one thing is staying the same: She’s able to share her love of quilting with her grandmother Gigi. The two of them enter a contest and win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Kilts and Quilts retreat in the Scottish Highlands. But their victory turns hollow when Gigi passes away before they can go. Sadie is grief-stricken, but her brother convinces her to take the trip to Gandiegow anyway.

There she meets a charming circle of quilters who remind her of her grandmother—and Ross Armstrong, a handsome fisherman who brings a smile to her face. Newly single, Ross intends to enjoy his freedom. That plan goes awry as he comes to know Sadie—and a surprising spark is lit. Too bad some well-meaning folks want to protect Ross from getting hurt again and are determined to keep him and the American lass apart. . . .


When I opened this book I wasn’t certain I would like it but Patience Griffin had me hooked with her flow of story and her setting and development of characters.

Sadie is introduced as a young woman who has just lost her beloved quilting grandmother, and has been given a life threatening diagnoses of Chronic Kidney disease. Her overprotective brother decides that what she needs is to go to Gandiegow for distraction. In the beginning all this does is enhance her illness and she finds everything reminds her of her grandmother intensifying her grief. When she meets Ross a light begins to shine and Sadie slowly emerges from her grief and comes to term with her illness. With Ross she feels safe and able to function and the chemistry they have only adds to her contentment. Why then would the ladies of Gandiegow be so against the relationship when Sadie has so much to offer the town.

Ross has been in a relationship and now wants to relish in his freedom however Sadie has thwarted that. As he grows more and more attached to her he finds he is fighting the town and Sadie’s brother to verify the relationship. After all the ladies in the town just want to protect him from getting involved with someone so ill.

Patience Griffin, through her writing, draws the reader into life in small town Scotland. Her use of language and descriptive setting had me feel like I was part of the cast.

An absolutely delightful read and I know I for one will look out for more Griffin, Kilts and Quilts books.