True Blood
Season 6, Episode 2
Episode Title: The Sun

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

This episode starts out with a vile looking vampire that I can only assume is Warlow breaking through the veil between realms.

Jason discovers the man that picked him up wasn’t Warlow, but is in fact his fairy grandfather, Niall.  He was testing Jason to see if he was ready for the fight against Warlow and he goes to Sookie’s house to help them prepare for what is ahead.  Niall discovers that Warlow has broken free and is in their world now.  He also shows Sookie how to form her light into a ball of energy that when released goes supernova, killing every vampire it touches.  The problem?  Since Sookie is only part fae she can only use it once, and when she does she will no longer be fae.

eric-pam-the-sunArlene is swamped at Merlotte’s and calls Sookie, who has overslept.  Sookie tells her she’s coming in, but when she leaves to go to work she finds a man, a part fairy, in pain after a vampire attack.  She takes him home to patch him up.  His name is Ben and is new to Bon Temps.  She tells him about the fairy club, a safe haven for fairies, and starts walking him there until he asks her out and reads her thoughts about losing Bill.

Patrick’s pregnant widow shows up at Merlotte’s thinking that Patrick ran off with another woman.  Terry starts to tell her what really happened, but Arlene cuts in telling her that Patrick did run off and tries to comfort her in an uncomforting Arlene kind of way.

Eric comes into Fangtasia to find Tara screaming and Pam and Nora looking her over.  The bullet the governor’s men shot her with is preventing Tara from healing.  Eric breaks a bottle and gets the bullet out with it; its silver and radiates ultraviolet light.  He then goes to the governor’s mansion, finds a man headed to meet with him, and impersonates the man.  He tries to glamour the governor only to find out they have created contacts that block their power.  The governor instructs his men to take him to ‘camp’, but as they try to transport him, Eric flies away.  Only to end up at the governor’s daughter’s room after she’s removed her contacts, and invites Eric in at his glamoured request.

Alicide and some of his packmates come to get Emma.  Sam refuses to give her to them, a fight ensues leaving Sam and Lafayette beaten on the ground as they make off with Emma kicking and screaming.  Some activists that wanted Sam to come out as a shifter catches it all on tape.

bill-lilithBill starts seeing the pain of all vampires.  He then goes in a dreamlike state and sees Lilith, who explains that vampires always saw her as God and they will see him the same way, but there is only one God.  She also tells him that it is up to Bill to save the vampires.  During this time with Lilith, Bill is in a coma like state, terrifying Jessica.  Jessica prays for the first time in a long time for all of her friends including Bill.  Bill snaps out of it, the TV comes on on its own to a news report of one of the vampires he saw previously being hurt, showing that he can now see the future.  Then right before the closing credits he has a vision of all the vampires burning in a sterile white room.

This was an OK episode.  No great, but not terrible.  I think Eric was by far my favorite (surprise surprise).  It was weird seeing him as a dork when he was disguised to see the governor.  Although it did remind me of many season ago when he was pretending to be human to get him and Sookie out of the Fellowship of the Sun compound.

I’m also really starting to notice how Alcide has changed, and yes he’s still hot and sexy, but I’m not liking his new packmaster personality at all.  It’s as if he’s a cold robot with no emotion.

And, does Sookie really need ANOTHER love interest??