The Sinner

The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book #18

By J.R. Ward

ISBN# 9781501195099

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Reporter Jo Early has been a bit of a nuisance for the Brotherhood.  She’s determined to prove the paranormal exists and she has uncovered things she shouldn’t have.  It’s forced Vishous to erase her memories and take down her blog on numerous occasions.  However, she’s a half-breed that is nearing her transition so he’s keeping a close eye on her.  She doesn’t know what she is and will surely die without help.

Syn grew up poor and living with an abusive father that kept his mother’s dead remains in their home to keep him in line.  Syn was forced to kill his own father at a young age in order to protect a young female that was always kind to him.  However, Syn has a dark side that lives inside him, just as his father did.  As an adult, Syn takes side jobs as a hit man to feed that dark side without letting it get out of control. 

Syn is still doing his side hustle even now while living and working with the Brotherhood.  And, he was out on a job when he met the beautiful female, Jo.  He quickly bonds with the half-breed and wants to assure her survival during her upcoming change.  However, he never expected she was his new target.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood’s war with the Lessing Society is nearing its end.  There are so few lessers now that the warriors can barely find any to kill.  And, the Omega is so weak it’s doubtful he can create any more.  However, based on the prophecy, Butch is the key to winning the war, it’s just unclear if he will survive it.

I’m addicted to this series and I’m always excited to delve into a new installment.  However, this book was pretty underwhelming to me.  I couldn’t remember who Syn even was, if he was ever detailed much before now anyway.  And, the romance was slow and boring, just like the whole book was really.  The novel didn’t pick up until the very end, and even then it just picked up slightly.

With all that said though, this novel does advance the overall story arch quite a bit.  It’s definitely one you need to read if you’re planning to continue the series.  As one threat is dying off, another is rising from the ashes.  I’m honestly interested to see how this new threat will change the game.  Hopefully it will make the next book a more interesting one!