3 Star rating
The Shadow of the Soul
The Forgotten Gods, Book #2
By Sarah Pinborough
ISBN# 9780425258484
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the-shadow-of-the-soul-the-forgotten-gods-sarah-pinboroughCassius Jones is dealing with life after his run in with Mr. Bright and The Bank.  It’s hard being the pariah of the police department now that he’s taken down the majority of Paddington Green when he discovered their drug running operation.  The key players are still awaiting their trials, but for Cass, life goes on.  He was cleared of the murder charges and he still works at Paddington, but now he has a new partner, Armstrong.  Together they are investigating a rash of teen suicides that appear to be anything but.  All the teens leave behind a message: Chaos in the Darkness.  What does it mean?  And, how are these kids that have never even met before connected?

And, if that wasn’t bad enough Cass’s brother’s lawyer tracks him down to deliver a package Christian had left in the event of his death.  It was a note with one chilling message: THEY took Luke!  Cass’s nephew was taken at birth and he will stop at nothing to unravel the truth and find out where he is.  He knows this will mean facing off with THE Bank once again, but what else does Cass have to lose?

I really enjoyed the first installment of the series, A Matter of Blood, so I was anxious to dive in for another helping!  But sadly I found myself having a hard time understanding what was going on, especially in the beginning.  There is no recap of what happened in the previous book and there was a lot that I had forgotten about, most importantly, the glow.  I knew Cass had learned something important about it in the last book, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was.  At one point I even picked the previous book back up to try to find it!  The other thing I found confusing was all the different narrators, characters we had never even met before like Abigail Porter.  I eventually was able to get past all the confusion and focus on the story, but it was hard initially.  I thought this book was okay, but not nearly as good as its predecessor.

This story dragged for quite some time for me, although the suicide case was an interesting one, and brought to the surface several bad guys.  But once everything starts closing in on Cass is where the book gets really intriguing!  We find out even more injustices that were done to Christian as Cass fights to discover the truth behind Luke’s kidnapping.  I was really surprised to see who was behind it.

There is no clear-cut ending to this book, which I was a little bummed about.  We have to wait for the third and I believe final book of the series, The Chosen Seed, which is due out in December.  I have no doubt that it will be a pulse pumping, keep you on the edge of your seat adventure that you won’t want to miss!