The Secret of Willow Lane
Willow Lane Mysteries, Book #1
By Virginia Rose Richter
ISBN#: 9781611874181
Author’s Website:
Suggested for ages 9-12

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Two eleven-year-old amateur detectives set out to solve the mystery of a deceased neighbor’s missing will and to identify a stranger snooping around the house where the will is thought to be hidden. What begins as an excuse to use their new detective kit turns into a frightening experience that has the girls running for their lives.

This is the first in a new mystery novella series recommended for ages 9-12 . (Goodreads)


I’ve actually been reading a lot of novellas recently. I don’t know why; it’s kind of this unexpected event in my life. I’m planning to name it “Attack of the Mutant Novella Ninjas….” Anyways, back to the point. I actually enjoyed The Secret of Willow Lane! I was definitely reluctant to read it, but in the end I finally picked it up. Three words: it was pretty amazing. Okay, maybe that was four, but I can’t count…

What I really love about The Secret of Willow Lane is that it’s not just for kids. Maybe the target audience is for people ages 9-12, but it really captivates everyone. Plus, you don’t have to hide the book from anyone because there’s nothing questionable about it… except maybe your taste in novellas and mystery. However, do not fear, The Secret of Willow Lane is a great read, whether you believe me or not!

I read a lot of Nancy Drew mysteries when I was 10, so I know my kiddy mysteries pretty well. I was actually really happy with The Secret of Willow Lane! Not only is it a quick read for people who hate reading, it actually packs a lot of twists for such a short book! I could not believe some of the twists, and this is coming from someone who predicts half of the plots of all the books she reads. It’s quite a nice read considering the target audience; I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Jessie and Tina, the two detectives, are actually really nice characters. The author is able to add some humor to their stories, as well as feelings that siblings often feel. I like how relatable they both are; I really can’t believe this is a book and not an actual event! No matter how old or young you are, Jessie and Tina will definitely make you smile. Their life is not boring, but then again, whose life is?

The Secret of Willow Lane will make you want to go back to when you were eleven to become an amateur detective too. So, what are you waiting for? Go read it now!