The Scam

Fox and O’Hare, Book #4

By Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

ISBN# 9780345543165

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the-scam-janet-evanovich-lee-goldberg-2Kate and Nick are back in the fourth installment of the Fox and O’Hare series.  This time they’re trying to take down a casino mogul who runs a nice little money laundering operation out of his hotel.  And, they’d like to get rid of the Hawaiian gangster that is giving Kate’s dad’s friend a hard time to.

Nick and Kate gather up their usual accomplices, and with the amount they’re paying all of them, they  are more than happy to drop what they’re doing to assist in the latest scheme.

This time Kate and Nick are posing as junket operators bringing in high rollers to the casino to launder their money through them.  But when their target blows their con, they have to come up with a new plan and pull out all the stops to get their man, or men in this case!

This installment of the series didn’t keep me as glued to the book as the other installments have, but it’s still a decent read.  There is still action, an over-the-top con orchestrated by FBI’s top 10 most wanted conman, Nick Fox, and humor.

“Good grief. Are you flirting with me?”

“Honey, my intentions are way past flirting.”

“Your intentions could get you a knee in the groin.”

Nick grinned. “At least your mind’s on the right body part.”

And an added bonus … the spark between Kate and Nick is finally starting to smolder!  And, we finally start seeing what they mean to each other.  Not to mention those around them have started noticing as well.

“You and Nick are good together,” Jake said. “Probably in more ways than you know.”

“Let’s not go there.”

“You keep saying that to yourself, but maybe it’s time for a rethink.”

“Since when are you interested in my love life?”

“You don’t have one. You’re all about the job. With Bob, you can have both.”

“You don’t know anything about Bob.”

“I know it’s got to be Nick, because there isn’t anybody else,” Jake said. “Who could possibly compete?”

“Someone who isn’t a criminal on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for starters.”

“How boring would that guy be? He couldn’t match the excitement Nick brings to your life.

And the ending of this book left me dying to start the next one … waiting really is torture!!

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