The Relationship Pact

Kings of Football, Book #3

By Adriana Locke

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Hollis Hudson has had a rough life.  He was taken away from his mom at six years old and lived most of his childhood in foster care.  He learned at a young age that everyone eventually leaves.  It made things easier for him to just not get close to people, then they can’t leave, they can’t hurt him.

His college football team just had their worst, most abysmal season.  One the whole team would like to forget.  So much for their dreams of the NFL.

Now, Hollis is in Savannah, Georgia to accept an award for his charity work.  It’s something he likes to keep quiet about.  Since he has nothing better to do, he came out to Savannah early. 

And, then he met Larissa at a restaurant near his hotel.  She was ducking her douche of an ex and asked him to be her fake boyfriend for five minutes, which he easily agreed to.  The girl is gorgeous.  And, when the founder of the organization giving him his award asks him to dinner at his house, he can’t think of anyone better to bring.  As it turns out she also needs a date to a fundraiser her step-father is having and the two decide to make a relationship pact to get them both through their obligations.  But when the dates are over, can the two just walk away?

I actually thought this was the second book in the series while I was reading it, but it’s actually the third.  The books happen simultaneously though so there was no loss in storyline for missing the second book.  And, all three are written by different authors for a fresh look into their world.

This was an okay read.  I felt like the beginning had a much better flow than the first book, The Revenge Pact.  However, I felt the ending was a bit odd and it didn’t feel complete.  I also found the characters to be rather one-dimensional, even though I’d already met Hollis in the previous book.  I actually liked both Hollis and Rissa, but I felt we didn’t know much about either character really.

And, again the secondary characters were loads of fun.  This time we got River and Crew (as expected) and also Larissa’s family.  I loved Boone and Larissa’s best friend, Bellamy.

This was an okay read, but it was rather easy to put down and I even went a few days without picking it back up at one point.  However, it’s definitely an easy read to pass the time with.