Brought to you by OBS reviewer Valerie


Believe it or not, I used to hate this book. However, my tastes have been so much better these days, so now I love this book. Of course, loving a book means you have to do a playlist.

Basically, Princess Diaries is about a girl Mia who discovers she’s a princess. This is her story.


  • Royals by Lorde

This is Mia’s mindset throughout the novel. In fact, Mia is so stubborn that her father has to donate one hundred dollars to Greenpeace every day for her to be a princess!


  • Supergirl by Crystal Harris

Mia is such a supergirl. Any girl who wears combat boots is automatically super.


  • About a Girl by The Academy Is

The music video for this is typical high school, just like Mia’s high school life is kind of like. I love how foretelling this song is.


  • Complicated by Avril Lavigne

Story of high school life.


  • Something More by Aly and AJ

This was one of my favorite songs last year. I think it’s a very fitting song.


  • Bullseye by Aly and AJ

Let’s just say someone hits Mia’s bulls eye. And Mia hits someone’s bulls eye as well…


  • Florescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys

This title explains it all.