The Last Honest Woman

O’Hurley Born #1

By Nora Roberts

ISBN# 9780373094516

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Brought to you by guest reviewer Jessie J.

the-last-honest-womanDylan Crosby is a widely known journalist, He only seeks the truth, writes cold hard facts. Maybe that’s why books written by him sell so well. Abigail O’Hurley was born on the road and immediately introduced to show life. 18, young and in love Abby runs away to marry a famous and wealthy man, for the first year of marriage it was a dream. Diamonds, traveling, wealth beyond imagine. Two children and eight years later, Dylan meets Abigail O’Hurley. He soon realizes he will have to dig deeper than he’s ever done to find dirt on her previously rich, scandalous, and now deceased husband.

Needless to say, Nora Roberts has done it again. She manages to charm, intrigue, and create the most sensual romances that have ever been written. Dylan is hired to write a biography on Abigail’s dead husband, Chuck. Not only is he just dead, but Chuck was an extremely famous and wealthy race car driver. Expecting to find an ignorant diamond ridden and mink wearing woman, Dylan discovers a well-rounded and hard working mother. Abigail breeds horses on her own ranch, she mucks out the stalls on her own and cleans houses to earn money. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Well Dylan can’t figure it out either. A good half of the book is Dylan trying to figure out why Abby is putting on this “act”. After all, he knows she is filthy rich. I really dislike how he labels her in the beginning. Of course we all sterotype, but I would have liked if he was a little less “male superior”. Although I didn’t like his personality at first, Roberts definitely shapes him into a wonderful man. He tries to not like her, but Abby is charming and down to earth, the complete opposite of his ex-wife. Abby is one of three triplets. I have a few sisters of my own, and how Roberts describes them suites each sister perfectly. I happen to lean more towards Abby’s personality. Calm, decisive, more maternal. And I certainly find myself questioning someone who wants to be close to me. Fortunately I have never had any sort of abusive or unhappy relationship.

Throughout the book there is some serious sexual tension going on. It is apparent that Abby does not embrace the feelings she has for Dylan. Its a love hate relationship. I like how Roberts takes the time to make them fall in love. I feel as if most authors these days fall under the “sell sex” slogan.  Abby thinks about Dylan and wants to make love with him, but when Dylan gets physical she shies away. I love that this is so. Now a days I feel like at the first glance a male throws towards someone ends up in a one night stand, or they magically fall in love in a tiny amount of time. At one point Dylan thought Abby was just playing hard to get. But for the most part Dylan is sweet and patient. Not only does Abby have to worry about her own feelings, but with a man in the house 24/7 and no father figure for her boys, she has to consider their feelings and overall well being .