The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood
By H. L. Wampler
ISBN# 9781476023267

Brought to you by OBS Reviewer Dawn

Beware of spoilers!!!!!


Abigail Grimm stopped believing in fairy tales years ago. She is a college freshman who just landed the internship of the year. Things were going great; she even met a devastatingly good-looking man, Connor, who could not seem to get enough of her.

Then she witnesses the receptionist mauled to death by a giant wolf in the middle of downtown. The skeletons in her family’s closet come falling out as Abigail discovers she is actually the last in a long line of fairy tale guardians. And Connor, well he is not quite what he seems and has a few skeletons of his own.

Abigail must abandon everything she thought was real for make believe and fantasy. With Connor by her side and a forbidden love budding, she must track down the wolf and save humanity before it’s too late.

I enjoyed this book immensely. Some may consider it a rip-off, because the foundation is part of a fairy tale, but I firmly disagree. Wampler made it her own. It’s as if she took an old song and jazzed it up until it’s her unique creation.

Abigail sees herself as timid, but she’s a foul mouthed bad ass. Her foul mouth makes her more real; she could put a truck driver to shame. I too have a foul mouth and I love that the heroine is not perfect.

Abigail Grimm has no idea what the world has in store for her until she gets her first job in the fashion industry. She meets Connor, a co-worked, and learns about her destiny. There have been a series of attacks on people wearing red hoodies. Shortly after starting her new job, Abigail sees an attack, on a co-worker, first hand. She is horrified, scared and in shock. Connor jumps in to protect Abigail when the thing comes after her.

Abigail can speak the old fairy tales to make them come to life. She is a guardian and she must protect her world since some of the fairy tales have bled over into the real world.

It’s overwhelming for Abby as it should be. She has to learn to fight; to accept who she is. I like that she didn’t just pick up a weapon and BAM! she knows how to use it. She gets dirty, she gets hurt but she fights with all she has within her. She shows great courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

The plot is revealed slowly but it’s never boring. There is no lack of fighting ensuring there’s no lull in the story.

Some romance pops up although it’s not cheesy. I worry a bit about Connor. He seems too good to be true, too perfect. I’m curious to find out more about him.

Abby’s mom is not much of a mother and it’s sad. It’s obvious Abby does the parenting between the two of them. Too bad her mom cannot be more supportive. Despite not having a father and having a disengaged mother, Abby is a great person and character. I cheered for her and cried for her.

I am in love with Wampler’s characters, their vitality.  She gave more depth to our favorite fairy tale characters. I think I might know who the evil queen is, but I’m not positive. I’m already anxious for more of this story. I’m hooked. I read the entire book in 2 days. What can I say? When I enjoy a book, I tear through it.

Reading The Last Grimm: Red’s Hood is pure fun. I recommend The Last Grimm to all those who love fairy tales, action and characters with depth.

PS Please please more smut in the next installment!