The Jada Agenda
Aubrey Carlisle Adventure, Book #1
By Mark S. Goldberg
ISBN# 9781453846001

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*Beware of possible Spoilers*


Aubrey Carlisle is a First Grade teacher. She’s also a masked, 6’2″, leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding, vengeance-driven killer of pedophiles. She finds them before the cops do. Then she calls and has them clean up after her. All of Miami thinks Aubrey is a man. That’s why the papers have mis-labeled her Mr. Vengeance. Aubrey has no emotions; cares about nothing except her dad and little children. But murder is still murder. Can Aubrey continue to evade the police, while carrying out her brand of justice? (Goodreads)


Dexter on steroids!  Mark Goldberg immediately engages the reader by introducing creepy pedophiles and the wonderfully gruesome way in which Aubrey Carlisle delivers justice to each.  While the book begins very heroine-esque, the plot immediately thickens when evil enters Aubrey’s first grade classroom.

Mark Goldberg’s writing style offers a first-person glance into each character.  Aubrey Carlisle is a no nonsense woman who uses her size to deliver bone crushing blows and intimidate those around her.  She has an adorably, albeit annoyingly, doting father who is always on her mind. Each predator is extremely twisted and Goldberg has done a magnificent job of making each uniquely disturbing.  The law’s presence in The Jada Agenda comes as no surprise…or does it?!  Goldberg’s way of tying characters together is genius and awards his reader with several a-ha moments.

While littered with action, Goldberg also intimately reveals Aubrey Carlisle’s college years to expose why she’s become a vigilante and a compassionate look into Aubrey’s “source” to disclose how.
I would recommend The Jada Agenda.  The topic is intense and may not be for everyone.  It’s an easy read and because of its twists and turns, a quick read in that you simply won’t be able to put it down!