Brought to you by OBS reviewer Valarie.

The Iron King is about Meghan, a girl who discovers she’s actually half fey. She travels to the Nevernever, the faery land, to start the adventure of her life (and possibly meet a guy named Ash).

Ashallyn darkmyr Tallyn (Ash): He’s got to be a guy who’d look good with silver eyes and black hair. I was about to go with Ross Lynch, but Adam Gregory won me over. Swoon!

Meghan Chase:  Meghan’s blonde. My favorite blonde actress? Elizabeth Olsen! (Okay, she’d have to wear blue contacts.) Honestly though, I think Elizabeth would do a fabulous job playing Meghan. She’s just that awesome!

Scott Waldron: Okay, so maybe he’s a minor character, but I really want to cast this one person. There’s one guy who’d play this arrogant guy well, Alex Pettyfer. Doesn’t he look amazing?


Puck: Puck has to rock red hair and green eyes. Either that or he has to have natural red hair. I had this obsession with Harry Potter, so I say Rupert Grint.


Melissa Chase: I think Jennifer Aniston would be great for this role. She is such a great actress! I love her. She always does a great job acting as a mom.


Virus: I’m choosing Selena Gomez for this one. She played a great Alex in Wizards of Waverly Place, and I’m actually really impressed with her acting skills.


So what do you think of the casting? Who else would you cast?