The Inmate

By Freida McFadden

ISBN# 9798835444670

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It was supposed to have been a fun night with friends that turned into a nightmare as they started being murdered one-by-one.  Brooke had loved Shane … until he tried to kill her too. 

Brooke’s testimony of Shane trying to choke her to death with her own necklace is what put him behind bars.  Where he has been for the last ten years.  Her parents forced her to move away afterwards and wouldn’t even allow her to visit.  However, both her parents recently died in a car crash and they left the house to her.  Brooke has decided that her son and her could use a new start and this is the perfect opportunity. 

Unfortunately, the only place she could find a job as a nurse practitioner was at the local prison, where Shane is incarcerated.  And, after having to treat him for injuries he received out in the yard, Brooke is wondering if she could have made a mistake.  She never did see her attacker’s face after all. 

The only other survivor that night was her lifelong best friend, Tim Reese, who she recently started dating.  Could she have gotten it all wrong?  Is she sleeping with a killer while an innocent man serves the time for his crimes?

This book sounded too interesting to not give it a read!  And, honestly, I really enjoyed it.  I was a huge Shane fan and really wanted to see that redemption moment.  I can’t tell you if Shane ended up being redeemed or not, you will just have to read the book to find out!  I couldn’t figure out why he’d have ever wanted to kill his new girlfriend all those years ago.  It just didn’t make sense to me.

Being a huge Shane fan, I hated when Brooke started seeing Tim.  He was just so … boring!  So, a part of me really did want him to be the bad guy.

I flew through reading this novel, it was just so good.  That is until the twist came.  I didn’t want to read it at that point because I knew I wasn’t liking where it was going.  But I persevered and kept going.  I had to find out what happened, after all.

In the end, it all made a sick kind of sense.  You think you’re heading for a predictable outcome and you’re just thrown for a loop…. a part of the ride you weren’t prepared for and didn’t really want.  However, it was still good.

Unfortunately, I did not like the epilogue at all.  I don’t like what it did for Josh’s character and it left a sour taste in my mouth that no amount of mouthwash or chewing gum can get out!

This was a new-to-me author and I would definitely be willing to read more of her work.