The Hunter

Boston Belles, Book #1

By L.J. Shen

ISBN# 9781732624740

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Rich kid playboy, Hunter Fitzpatrick, was just caught in a compromising position.  He starred in a sex tape unbeknownst to him! And, now his father is livid at the financial implications, not to mention how it looks on the family and their company.

Gerald Fitzpatrick is forcing Hunter to Boston to live in one of the apartments he owns.  He will have to work at the family business during the day and take night classes at the local college at night.  And, worse he must stay celibate and sober!  To insure he toes the line, Gerald is giving him a roommate to babysit him.  Local archer, Sailor Brennan.  If Hunter doesn’t follow the rules, he will lose his inheritance!

Hunter and Sailor have less than nothing in common.  However, as they get to know each other they begin to form their own kind of friendship.  She can settle down his crazy antics while he can bring her out of her shell and make her see there is more out there than her Olympic dreams.

In true L.J. Shen fashion, this was an interesting and fun read.  I loved Hunter, even when he was at his sex-crazed worst!  He was always good for a sarcastic remark or a sexual innuendo that nobody appreciated quite as much as he did.  But I enjoyed them, Hunter.  It can be our secret.

Sailor was an interesting character with an even more interesting family.  Her mobster father kidnapped and then later fell in love with her mother.  And, then there is her overprotective brother, who definitely had his hand in the “family business”.  Sailor has spent her life focusing on her Olympic dreams so much so that her family fears she has hidden from life.  Could this deal with the Fitzpatricks be the thing that can bring her back to life and let her finally live?

“I couldn’t believe I was talking to my dad about this, of all people. It was like taking dating advice from Dracula.”

However, things aren’t all roses with Sailor.  She has a nemesis archer, Lana.  The two have a horrible past and Lana won’t stop until she’s stripped Sailor of everything she holds dear.

Meanwhile, Hunter has uncovered some shady business going on from one of the trusted members of his father’s work team.  However, he’s been such a screw-up all his life, can he make his father believe him when it counts?

I really enjoyed this book.  It was the perfect mix of steam and humor.  And, as always with this author, the characters were great!  I can’t wait to see the rest of the Belles get their books.  I can’t help, but wonder if Aisling and Sam are going to be next on the list.  It could definitely make for an interesting read!

“I’m stupid in love with you, Sailor Brennan.  Will you have my dumb ass?  Flaws included.  No returns.”

“Fourteen business days to return said butt, and I get my full heart back if your performance is not to my satisfaction.”  I started bargaining with him on live television.

This was what we did.  We bantered.

His eyes lit up with mischief.  “You never complained about the performance during your free trial period.”

“Meh.” I shrugged.  “It was free.  Paying for something with hearts and other organs is a completely different matter.”

“Fine.  I believe in my product.  You got yourself a deal.”